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AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

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And the what now? If you mean the pig tail its to the obnoxiously long pressure switch that laser came with.


You're 'avin a bubble me old china.  Use yer mince pies n get that shoota' ship-shape n bristol fashion sharpish like, you blinkin muppet.



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SLR 8" SBR build done. Just waiting for a few accessories (sling end plate, AAC Blast Shield, Cloud Defensive LCS, and an actual working ScoutLight head) and repairing my BTC Spectre, but otherwise al

One of my latest build, a real Colt M16A1 converted for GBBR on the WA system. Stripped upper, barrel and BCG was changed to Viper Tech du to my local laws. Also a video of how it was made:

Some WIP pics of my GBBR build w real parts. Based on the WA system.   RS A1 Colt vintage parts:   - Complete milspec lower complete w buffertube and stock etc - Complete rear sight - Teardrop

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DYTAC needs to make a damn Irondot mount clone, the ACM one is just too crappy.


Otherwise, <3.


I don't really have any problem with mine, it sits level and fits my guns fine so it does the job.


Just wish you got a low mount with it.

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That's excusable as they're lovely pieces there mate :)

Thanks man :) I particularly enjoy the cable management, it's a genius design!


I also managed to acquire another Prime upper, MRF rail and KX3 - annoyingly the upper came missing the forward assist. I'll snap some better pictures tonight, but essentially this is the gist;



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Your spare Prime upper.  Used, new? I was looking for one for a reasonable price somewhere.


Brand new, from BoomArms; I did originally order an M4 upper and an MUR-1, but the MUR-1 was out of stock and this was the last M4 upper unfortunately! Unless there's some tiny HK store somewhere sitting on a pile of them it seems like Iron Airsoft are about the only option for more uppers now :\


So many index clips that they're no longer index clips... They've reached critical mass and become rail covers.


Importantly, however, I don't need to remove the whole damn lot of them to get to the 2 grub screws that lock my MRP's outer barrel in. That was a massive nuisance with XTM's or ladders. Also, stripes!

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Ah.  OK.  Thanks. I might do another batch IA order if I can get a decent price then.


No worries; Depending on if and when you decide on doing said order, I wouldn't say no to another upper or 2 if it'll help bring the cost down. Pretty sure I can find a mate or two who'd be after one n all.

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In not going to lie, I realy wish they made the mkII but this will do. Hey atleast the fde is closer than madbulls attempt. Also it needed a little mod to fit the lm4. The notch in the little tab that was supposed to encase the end of the dust cover pin was far too shallow. It left me two options, grind out the notch more or chop the pin down. Went for chopping the pin because grinding that notch to fit would have made that spot overly thin

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