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AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

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Received another small package from the US, this time with a BAD-CASS-FA selector. It works very nicely, but actually required some adjustment to make it work correctly - see below for explanation.



A few notes on parts compatibility for people who might be interested in fitting RS parts to their WA/WOC-based GBBR's - most of it is known already, but maybe it'll be handy for someone:

- RS receiver extensions (checked DMPS, Vltor) fit both G&P spec and Iron Airsoft (which I believe are Prime spec, or at least similar?) bodies without any issues

- RS endplates (DPMS, Noveske) fit both bodies, no issues

- RS castle nut (DPMS) fits G&P receiver extensions, no issues

- RS stock (MOE) fits G&P RE perfectly, but rattles on a RS Vltor RE... according to the boxes they came in, both are mil-spec, not commercial. A bit of tape fixes the issue :P

- RS grips (MOE, MOE+) fit G&P body without modifications, but require a minor adjustment for IA body (the selector detent spring hole is misaligned by about 1mm and needs to be enlarged - a 10 second job with a small knife)

- RS barrel nut (DPMS) doesn't fit G&P (metric thread) but does fit IA (imperial thread)

- RS handguards (DPMS, MOE) fit G&P barrel nuts and front sight posts, however it MAY be necessary to move the FSP a few mm's.

- RS Troy/VTAC alpha rail fits both G&P and (obviously) RS barrel nuts, but there is a small issue. Due to the way the G&P hop up is installed, the whole "chamber" section of the barrel is slightly longer than in RS AR's, so it's not possible to thread the barrel nut all the way in. As a result, the rail does not sit flush against the receiver, there is a ~0,8mm gap. It might be possible to fix it by sanding down the steel tabs that keep it in place, i'm going to check it at some point.

- RS selector (BAD-CASS) does not fit the G&P body (different detent system), requires non-permanent work to fit to an IA body. There are two issues - diameter of the hole in the IA receiver is 10mm, while the selector's diameter is ca. 9mm, so some shimming is required - otherwise the gun will still fire on "safe". I didn't have anything else at hand, so I used small strips of electrical tape, and it works fine, with positive clicks etc. Secondly, the RS selector is about 1mm wider than the IA body. This came as a surprise, as I was under the impression that the IA body was made to RS dimensions. Either way, it's possible to add some small shims, but it's not really needed as the spring detent holds it in the correct position anyway. This means however, that the left side switch protrudes from the receiver by about 0,8mm, which is somewhat annoying as it gets in the way of my thumb.

- RS charging handles (DPMS, BCM Gunfighter) do not fit the G&P without modifications (need to be shortened and the "wings" have to be removed), but fit the IA perfectly

- Rail mounted stuff obviously just works. Interestingly, Surefire X300 rattles around on a RS VTAC Alpha (again, tape is a universal answer to all worldly problems), but fits a Madbull Troy TRX perfectly.


Two items remain to be checked, magazine release (which i believe should work fine in IA, but not in G&P) and KNS linked pins (which MAY pose some problems in the IA, we'll see).


Lovely receiver.


Just to echo this, the IA barrel nut will also fit RS tubes etc.

I installed a RS tube on my IA plus a RS stock which fitted no problem.


Keep up the good work man!

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