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AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

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SLR 8" SBR build done. Just waiting for a few accessories (sling end plate, AAC Blast Shield, Cloud Defensive LCS, and an actual working ScoutLight head) and repairing my BTC Spectre, but otherwise al

One of my latest build, a real Colt M16A1 converted for GBBR on the WA system. Stripped upper, barrel and BCG was changed to Viper Tech du to my local laws. Also a video of how it was made:

Hey all! I kind of stumbled upon this thread by accident while searching for M16A2 receiver markings on google and saw one of Catgut's amazing VT's. Which brought me here I have been working on

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Thanks chap. That handguard needed a bit of work to fit. No room for the heat shield, or the pins that hold it in place. All had to be dremelled down, and the Dring had to be swapped for an ever so slightly wider one too.


Swapped out the horrid standard sized handguards for Systema ones op. Much nicer

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I got WE CO2/Gas internals in RS modded shells.


Bought it from a guy on gasguns.info. He said he had done 300 when I ordered mine and he still messed up one when making mine because he was very particular in that they fit was just right :D


They cost a lot of moolah though and since WE MSK/PMAGs I don't feel it's worth it, at least for the WE platform.


Might not even be possible to do on an AEG but I have no clue about those systems.


Just giving you my experience :) 

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I've done something similar with my TM M4A1 SOCOM, but I used the G&P handguard & stock; which are a drop-in fit:




Please forgive the crappy phone photo, this was taken in haste a while ago as proof-of-concept for a friend of mine. Since then I've added a Guarder stock-pad, & I occasionally swap out the carry-handle on favour of an Aimpoint Comp M2 (with a QRP-style mount) & KAC BUIS combination. 


PS: The barrel mount is for a Surefire 6P repro, but I only tend to use it in CQB or night games... 

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I had my G&G TR15 Raider L in at Land Warrior Airsoft for a whole bunch of upgrades. 


- FPS Increased to 370 as per their own site rules for full auto capable guns

- Madbull 3-in-1 hopup swapped in

- Madbull Daniel Defense 14.5" outer barrel 

- PTS Syndicate FORTIS Rev rail system

- PTS Syndicate MIAD pistol grip with the trigger guard painted black


I then fitted a PTS Syndicate MOE stock, Magpul AFG (both Dark Earth) and threw on a set of Magpul MBUS 2.


..Now I just need to consider what optics it wants on there.




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