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AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

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Just finished this today after slow progress! Sorry for the grating carpet background, this photo was not very well thought out.




Now starting on a scoped AR/recce, a project which will no doubt take another year to finish. Here are the parts I've gathered so far:



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SLR 8" SBR build done. Just waiting for a few accessories (sling end plate, AAC Blast Shield, Cloud Defensive LCS, and an actual working ScoutLight head) and repairing my BTC Spectre, but otherwise al

One of my latest build, a real Colt M16A1 converted for GBBR on the WA system. Stripped upper, barrel and BCG was changed to Viper Tech du to my local laws. Also a video of how it was made:

Some WIP pics of my GBBR build w real parts. Based on the WA system.   RS A1 Colt vintage parts:   - Complete milspec lower complete w buffertube and stock etc - Complete rear sight - Teardrop

Posted Images



VFC MK18 Block II

G&P redimag

CQD sling mount

Viking Tactics 2pt sling

Tangodown vert grip

ACM KAC suppressor

ACM EOtech 553

custom ACM IR laser/illum PEQ-15

Insight M3X

custom ACM dual pressure switch, works with real M3X and replica PEQ-15




King Arms M4A1

Madbull DD Block II rail

G&P redimag

ACM Specter DR w/ dot sight

ACM CQD sling adapter

ACM KAC hand stop


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A buddy of mine who I shoot with in RS classes a lot, wanted me to build him an airsoft gun the same as one of his RS guns.




Mostly G&P parts

Madbull Hop Up with a KM tight bore barrel

DYTac 14.5" outer barrel and SF MB556K muzzle brake

VFC mid caps x 10

King Arms Piston Gas Block

RS Samson Manufacturing rail

RS Optics (these were mine, he's replaced them with his own)


Since building this rifle for him, he's since gotten to handle my KWA LM4 and now wants a different build using that platform instead. Oh well. :)

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Directly under where the front sight post would be I'd imagine. You've got the ladder cover on top, then 1 empty slot, then the colour change from black to dark grey represents the transition.


Very nice combination of parts, I know I'd be running a piston for most situations if I had a real AR. Definitely inspired to build an airsoft equivalent some time.

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What's happening in the area of the gas block/front sight? Where does the rail end and the gas block begin?

CKinnerley nailed it. The rail is a Samson Manufacturing Evolution Series 9-EX". It's designed to be a mid-length system. The Gas Piston system is a replica of the Adams Arms Piston System. The replica is made by King Arms. I'm not sure of any other manufacturer making these specific gas blocks.


I can't find a pic of him with his RS gun right now. But here is the same gun at a game we were at a couple months back. He put all his RS parts on the gun including his PEQ and set the gun up same as his RS counterpart:




Unrelated, last night I installed some parts on my demo KWA LM4 PTR. Took a quick pic this morning before heading into work hence the low quality:


The rail is a Madbull VTAC TRX 11". Would have preferred a 13" VTAC rail, but that's all I had lying around and the 13" rails have been sold out in RS and Airsoft for a while now. Sights are KAC. Muzzle Brake is a DYTac SF MB556K. MOE stock and early version MIAD with trigger guard integrated front strap. Still need to install a Magpul ASAP plate, but overall I'm well pleased with the LM4 as a training/skirmishing platform. I wish my WA M4 and G&P WOC GBBR were this reliable straight out of the box.

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I just have to ask - off spec dimension as always ?


You know... That's a good question. It crossed my mind but I forgot to check. I'll test it tonight by sliding on an AFG. If anyone asks why it's on there, rather than telling them I can't get it to slide off I'm just gonna tell them I'm going super mega dynamic. ;)


Hicks, the brake is by DYTac. Not sure who still sells them. I think some other manufacturers have been making them too. Check out your preferred overseas retailers' flashhiders categories ... you'll probably find one there by DYTac or other.

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The rail is a Samson Manufacturing Evolution Series 9-EX". It's designed to be a mid-length system. The Gas Piston system is a replica of the Adams Arms Piston System. The replica is made by King Arms. I'm not sure of any other manufacturer making these specific gas blocks.

Thanks! I figured out what was throwing me. It's that 2" section of rail bolted to the forearm right at the front. I could see that the forward angling diagonal slots stopped, but had initially thought that what is actually bolted-on picatinny was part of a railed gas block.


Interested because I have been thinking about doing something similar. There was an ACM replica of the Adams floating around out there, and I have one sitting on my shelf. It's finished more in grey than black, and no trades of any sort.

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It looks like we all seem to have finished building identical Mk.18's all at the same time. I'm a little embarrassed, but here's my *almost* finished Block II. I promise I didn't copy any of you guys.





Still waiting on an FDE Pmag and a DD low profile gas block. CTR stock? Yes or no?


I'm thinking about reconfiguring this as an M4A1 RIS II, I have the rail lying around. Then I'd probably pick up a 10" VFC Mk.16 and stick my EGLM on it for my MOUT rifle. As it stands now, this is my CQC/MOUT weapon and my longer alternative is the Mk.17 with either the EGLM or the 16" barrel. I'm starting to feel weird about my rifles being too close to real ones now that I'm at an age where I could be issued the real thing.

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Haha, I knew you couldn't stay away from the XPS OPMOD. It's a really nice sight. I wanted the one with side buttons, but I can just see those getting pressed prematurely by gear or whatever. Didn't like the look of it either.


The lack of co-witness killed the T-1 for me as well. Lower 1/3 with the XPS.


Picture thread:




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