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Advice please from a concerned Mum...

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Well that is the first time i have seen that on here, :P


But as a parting gift here is my advice, take the item and sell it on using a forum and stating it is a two-tone (as it is), that way you will only have to get proof that the person is over 18 to sell to them. Failing that keep it until said son returns and he can use it at a site.



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Well Paulg1250, should you still be around to read this, and presuming you are who you say you are (I dont assume people are liars untill i have a reason to) I have respect for you for trying to sort out your sons affairs, and will give you the advice that has already been posted. Go to zeroin forums and try to sell it there, I am sure it will in no time, I have no doubt.


Good luck to your son in finding work and everything and dont take that Joyce persons comments to heart, we arent all as cynical and damned right pethetic as he/she is :) If your son ever gets back into airsoft, he will be welcomed here.

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