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Tokyo Marui Glock 17 3rd Generation Gas Blowback Pistol

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I just bought a Marui Glock, so I'll be reading this with interest.


I was looking at another review on an different forum and there a guy got a slight but definite fps increase from the PDI piston head. So why is it that Marui don't use the seemingly superior O-ring design themselves? Instead they always go with the molded rubber piston head which besides being inefficient, is also probably harder to make.

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TOKYO MARUI GLOCK 17 3RD GENERATION GAS BLOWBACK AIRSOFT PISTOL (STOCK) REVIEW       REVIEW INDEX   Review introduction 1.1: Purpose 1.2: Background 1.3: Introduction 1.4: Purchase   Tok

Please forgive me for the slight variation in color temperature/white balance and contrast in the pictures. I made the decision to shoot in natural diffuse sunlight and fighting shifting light and kee

Not sure if trolling, or just hyper-active, or trying to get 100 posts to access sales section... ^^^

Your review is the third TM GLOCK 17 review here. Perhaps the two previous ones and this one could be combined?

Having read all three, it would be like hanging The Gioconda and some modern art shat in the same room, but hey...

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Glad you like it. Just to follow up there will be no more additions to this review as I am selling off all my airsoft gas gear and switching to full metal factory made CO2 guns. Too much hassle and money to upgrade TM guns for it to be worth it for me personally. CO2 KJW and WE is where it's at now!

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i was wondering what the difference was between the third generation glock 17 and the TM custom glock 17s with the foliage/sand lowers were


edit: internally i mean, not externally




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Internally they are most likely exactly the same. I think people use either Glock 21 or Glock 22 holsters for the TM Glock, look around the forum to confirm which one it is.


Quoting a super old reply...lol


For TM if you were to buy non-adjustable molded holster, you might have better luck getting Glock 20/21 holster(not 22). In real steel, the Glock 20/21(10mm and .45ACP) has slightly wider frame than the 9mm/.40 gun. as TM fit the 9mm/.40 holster REALLY REALLY tight(sometimes it does not even fit), going for the wider frame model makes it more likely to work. I've tried this with the Raven Concealment System Kydex, ordered one for the Glock 20/21, and it fits perfectly.

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Really ?


I had a KSC Glock 19 way back when they first came out, and I had a TM Glock 17, and the Guarder kit for it, and now the HK Glock 17. And overall, the HK wins hands down. I have to admit though that my memory of the KSC Glock frame is a bit hazy but I know it shifted color in different light conditions due to the material used and it also felt very cold and sparkly. The HK feels very polymer-ish like and has great feel and texture. The KSC is ABS + metal resin reinforcement or something like that if I recall.


So yeah, I have to disagree but admit due to memory foggyness I may be incorrect.

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The ksc g19s frame is the best airsoft glock frame available, I had a marui with a guarder kit (the one you had in tan) a stark g18 and a we g17. and the frame is so aestheticly better then all the fore mentioned guns It a non contest. Plus the ksc g19 frame doesent mark half as easy as the rest as well.

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I ordered a TM Glock 17 today from Tokyo Model Company. They sent me a video to prove that it works (never experienced such thing in 4 years of airsoft) and surprisingly the frame seems to be in OD colour.

I tried to google it but could not find any information so I am asking  here. Was there ever such release by TM? I bought a plain black stock TM G17. I know about the custom series but that one is foliage.


Or it might be a shop custom version with a Guarder frame?


TMC has not answered yet.


Here is the video:



Silverlight is necessary to watch it.

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APS CO2 magazine


Fancy box.



Nice finish, good assembly. It just feels fine.





APS on the left, TM on the right.







Only marking the magazine got is on the baseplate.














Will it fit a TM Glock? It does perfectly.






It shoots, slide locks back without problems. This magazine is pretty much the same as a TM magazine. I chronoed it to 355-370 FPS.


Only issue I had with the magazine is that I had to sand off some paint from its inside, where the CO2 cartridge is seated. Otherwise the cartridge might get stuck.


And obviously recoil is now a problem. I have to look for a stronger slide and recoil springs because a Guarder 150% spring is not enough. Guns Modify's reinforced frame is also a must have item.


Surprisingly the stock hammer spring and valve knocker is enough to open the valve.

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