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Hey everyone here on Arnies!


Okay so Ive spent the past few days reading every post in this section. I can see why alot of you dislike what you have read and granted some of these issues needed to be solved alot better then what was done in the past. I currently run our Community page and also on ASR as well as some of the other larger Airsoft Forums. Im not here to sweep away or DELETE any of the posts or topics here, but yet correct the issues of our customers as well as show some of the customers that Evike.com has made MAJOR changes to its staff and policies to better serve our customers.


Feel free to email me at Michael@Evike.com with any questions or concerns about an order or issues with your order and I will be able to assist you with getting the issues corrected.


Im sure many of you will have ahh strong words or would like to have words with me about Evike.com, Im not the one that messed up your order or denied your RMA or warranty claim. Im here to look into any further issues with Evike and do what I can to get them corrected.


Again please feel free to email me add the subject as Arnies and provide me with your order information and issue.



Thank you,


Community Manager|Public Relations|Evike.com

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