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SaS n04 lee enfield

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Make:shoot and scoot

Gun/Model:n04 lee enfield

Accessories:2 mags a real deal sling

Condition: used

FPS:300 to 340

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:no

Price/Payment: £300 £320 with pap



here is my lee enfield n04 by shoot a scoot its a beauty of a rifle great range and fps sad to see her go but neads must so she comes with 2 mags a real deal sling



image upload


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I have received this weapon but it is not as described - I have only received one magazine (which is faulty - broken spring) and no other (it was sold with two magazines as you can see in the original sale). In addition the magazine feeder unit was broken upon arrival which I believe has been the cause of misfeeding when the one magazine I received originally worked (before the spring failed). Without a magazine the gun is unusable, the only way I can shoot it is to cock the rifle halfway, drop a single bb into the cylinder / hop unit and then complete the cocking procedure - this is not practical, I was assured that there were no problems with this package and that all was working, this is not the case.


The seller is not responding to my emails despite being online several times since they were sent. I would appreciate it if a mod kept this thread open until the issue is resolved, I will start a paypal dispute within the next days if the seller does not contact me and sort this out.




Edit: Wanted to emphasize guys that what I really want is just the spare magazine that was promised, I am sure I can find a way to fix the magazine feeder, but without a magazine this thing is useless, in addition even if I do get money refunded through paypal I cannot find APS-2 magazines in stock anywhere...

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This issue is still unresolved.


After 8 days of waiting I have not recieved the additional magazine that the seller said he had posted on the 22nd. He is no longer in contact with me. This issue is still unsettled - I have sent him additional emaails and commented on his profile page - I hope that he will get back in contact with me otherwise I will start a paypal dispute and claim in refund the amount of an additional aps-2 magazine from wherever I can find one.


Here is the email he sent me on the 22nd confirming it was "on its way"


Sent 22 July 2011 - 03:34 PM

hello just got online the 2mag is on its way to you as didnt have time to send alltogether as was in a rush sent out in full working order a got the rifle of here last year a used it at a couple of event games eg ww2 the mag some times sticks as cos of the mod to them by sac just use a bit of lube to free up the spring any onther probs let me no

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