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Has anyone used these chaps yet?


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As I live relatively near these guys, I've used them quite a bit, almost all of my kit has come from them.

They have more stuff in the store than on their website, both in terms of guns and clothing.

They buy old kit as well, providing they can see a need for it, and it's still serviceable.

They ordered in both my current AEGs - just phone them up/go in person, they were excellent, within 2 days I had my AEGs.


Have a repair service - useful should you need it.


Staff are good too, friendly and pretty knowledgeable on the kit.

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Pretty much as above really, my local store I guess. Nice bunch work there, lots of experience in different areas, they know of what they speak. If there is anything your after they will do what they can to get it in. No quibbles if you buy something that doesn't fit later or anything like that. Good people.


Bit of a bonus that they can also have something that you cannot get at other places, they got the Blackwater M4's in, not sure that many other places did, so yeah, worth a go.

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