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Swindon Airsoft Supplies

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So living in the south west there isn't a large selections of places to go if you want to look before you buy.


I live in Bristol and chose to visit Swindon airsoft supplies


In short : A excellent Shop with great service and friendly staff, Well worth checking out.


Me a Friend both went a bought some mp5s from there, they were shooting over out site limits so they down graded them for free. We had to come back to pick them up at a later date but were happy to do so.

When we did mine was fine my friends still a liitle hot so they fixed that while we waited.


They were happy to answer any questions and let us play with some of it too. (gasing up a mp9 as showing us the different chrono readings on various gases)


When I took mine out to skirmish it died after 2 shots. I played on with pistols and rang them the next day, very apologetic and happy for me to return with it to sort out what could be done.


I did take it back and after a quick check over ask what i would like to do, i ended up taking a more expensive one (at my choosing) and paying the difference, very happy with the service.


The shop itself isn't very big, but has a very decent selection of pretty much everything!


The service i recived even with my problems was excellent and i will deffently be returning when i get my next pay check



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I ordered from them last year. They called me back with back with progress, downgraded the spring, and all in all were ace to deal with!


Highly recommended from me, for what that's worth :)

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Unit 23 on the BSS Business park. Very good staff, incredibly helpful and generally really nice guys. Went there for a ten minute stop and ended up talking to them for an hour or so.

Can't recommend them highly enough!

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