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Beware of international shipping


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I ordered some items from them, namely 3 fill-valves, some o-rings for those and a mouth mask. It cost about $ 26 and all in stock. Because no info was given what to do when international shipping was sent, except "ask for quote", I mailed them and after 2 working days I got a reply with a quote of the additional shipping cost I had to pay to ship to Belgium, namely $ 15. OK no problem, I can live with that.


After not hearing from them after ordering it 10 days later, I mailed them why it wasn't sent yet. I was replied that international shipping takes 1-10 business days to be shipped out and indeed, on the 10th business day I got another mail, but not the one I'd like to have read.


Dear Customer,


Our shipping department has completed your order. After weighing the physical package, the total shipping cost came out to : $ 35


To proceed with your order, please kindly remit payment for the remainder shipping cost in the amount of $20


So you are reading that correctly, I'm paying $ 35 of shipping for fill valves and o-rings the weight of a few BB's and a very light and small mouth mask, that together cost me $ 26. And after two weeks after placing in-stock items in the order, it wasn't even on the way to me.



I immediately replied that I can't agree with this absurd shipping pricing and I was promptly mailed back I would get a full refund. I'm glad this was solved correctly, I do hope they fix their international shipping policy. If this would change, I'd gladly give them another try since they were so kind to immediately refund me.


I ordered the exact same things on a Hong Kong based e-tailer and the shipping cost is $ 8 TOTAL. This is how it should be for extremely small and light packages. I don't mind paying $ 35 for a $ 100 airsoft replica, I do mind that cost for $ 25 in small parts.

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sorry to see that you had this issue with our shipping center. Our shipping quotes are not made up from Evike.com but given to us by USPS for the weight of the package and where it is heading to.

I understand that the shipping was steep but Evike.com can not control what the U.S. Postal Service charges Evike.com for their services to us and our customers.

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The additional problem is that the shipping costs alone mean the package will stay about a month at the Belgium customs office because they want another $ 30-40 of taxes just because the total package is above $ 40. This would not happen if you choose for Fedex or UPS, because they have their own correct and swift custom declaration office.


But is there a reason why this could not just be sent cheaply by airmail, since none of it was really "weapon"-categorised ?

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