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VFC MP5 (Umarex Licensed)

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Here we go.       23 rounds in one burst, 6:30pm and normal early April breeze.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7qw7MiKius&feature=youtu.be     AP.

PDW conversion kit for VFC MP5k   Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk

Mine shoots like a charm and I have it for two years now.Well I don't field it every weekend but I do some firing every once in a while.

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Ok so I fitted a harder hammer spring (not specific just random) to mine and hey presto, light striking and ###### poor blowback have disappeared, however it has had the unwanted drawback of making the bloody thing fire full auto even in semi!!!

Removed the spring, think I shall put up with the 3-4 shots of ###### poor blowback and keep my ability to use semi auto.


I am having the same problems you were having on my MP5K.  Wondering if I can add a RS hammer spring or is that too much?

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Think that would be too much, if I could find the 120-130 and 150% hammer springs in stock I'd go for them but I can't find them anywhere.


I have also replaced my Crusader hammer for the moment and that has cleared up the issue completely, don't know 100% if this was the root cause of the issue but I don't have many other upgraded parts installed in this gun so I thought I'd just reverse the process and the 1st thing was the hammer, and for the time being it seems to have cured the issue.


Fingers crossed.

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alright, CWI actually shipped me a DX Avalon MP5 A3, and a few things I noticed: The safety selector still goes past safe, but the positions are not "mushy" at all. They actually pretty click into place pretty freely. I don't have the extra gmbh trademark no the side of the trigger housing. my gg mag seems to run pretty good on the steel carrier, with a pretty decent ROF.

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It's basicly a 6P internally, but some of the airsoft versions (CA iirc) contains different lamps and will not fit 6P lamps.

You can take it out and compare it to pictures of SF 6P lamps. If they look similar, they most likely are. Then you can buy just about anything. 6P is the most common lamp type.


This is a classic for upgrades:


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Ok, Finally success.


I needed to take the exposed end of the rubber, take a piece of pipe/metal ring, force it over the rubber & crush it tight.


Then I added PVC sealant inside the chamber end of the rubber. This seems to be holding the ammo in place after a couple of hundred rounds.




After witnessing WE rifles working with a soaked inner barrel and seeing my VFC dribbling BBs in the same torrential rain environment.  I decided to give the VSR hop mod another try.


I re-did the hop mod by not cutting the ends off but bore'ing/enlarging the muzzle end, then fitting the hop rubber into it.  Then I lathed a channel around the original barrel to take the VSR hop.


So instead of putting a ring around the rubber, I have kept the muzzle end and used it as the ring.  


It works!  340fps with 0.25g at 12*C, and is as consistent as an MP5 AEG.


Also did the same with the VFC M4s. 370fps with 0.25gs at 12*C, though some strange reason the hop isn't consistent as on the MP5.  Will work on this.

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okay just got my HK dual mag clamp, and it fits. Really snug, had to WD40 the insides, but got both mags to fall in. HK Cocking lever and handle works as well, but it's actually shorter than the VFC one. The actual HK cocking handle isn't made out of steel but some kind of polymer, but the support pin is steel, just like the vfc/avalon one that I have. So I might as well use the VFC one as I like the extra length.

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okay just got my HK dual mag clamp, and it fits. Really snug, had to WD40 the insides, but got both mags to fall in


Where did you get the mag clamp.  I looked at HKparts but they are expensive and robertrtg had a used one but are sold out.

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After over 2000 shots, my azimuth polycarb nozzle bent over.

It occurs because when i load the magazine, i dont rack the cocking handle back.Leaving the follower pushes the loading nozzle up.

it still shoots normally, but it doesnt stop shooting when the bb is depleted.




So, i change my nozzle with this



ROF is more stable, and there's no sign of wear after shooting auto about 200 shots.

But this nozzle's material is nylon fiber, i doubt it will be stronger than polycarbonate ones.

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okay, do NOT purchase the azimuth bolt head. What a waste of money. It actually destroyed my nozzle spring, and gave me sluggish performance (tolerances are a little off when returning to battery) That's what I get when I want a shiny new extractor instead of a dull one engraved on my crusader bolt head.

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Aside from clipping the recoil spring (which I really don't want to since the recoil spring is weak as it is), is there any way to increase the felt recoil on the gun?


Gun is fine, shoots well given the VSR rubber and barrel mod, and the steel insert melted into the feed guide on the blowback unit, it is still just not quite as good as a WE MP7 which has a nastier kick.

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