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Dual Maruzen Type U (Micro Uzi)


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Hey folks! I am clearing out some more of my kit and these two bad-boys just don't get the use they desire and I've decided to sell them.


2 x Maruzen 'Type U' full-auto gas-blowback machine pistols.


These are effectively Micro Uzis but lack trademarks.


Both are in near-mint condition, however the magazine seals require constant lubrication and to be honest could do with being replaced. (They both have very slow leaks due tp age.) However, that said they feed perfectly and will rattle off 50 bbs in around 5 seconds!


Condition: As new. Never skirmished and only used for messing around at weekenders.


FPS: This is very difficult to measure as they only fire on full-auto! I would guess around the 250 mark.


Splits: I'd like to sell them as a pair if possible!


Swaps: Maybe an Ares EGLM in black?


Price: £100 inc Paypal fee and recorded P&P for the pair.


Payment: Via Paypal only please, so we're both protected.



Over 18’s only with usual VCRB credentials please!


I will answer any questions you have so feel free to PM!




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