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On July 22nd, the Hong Kong retailer UN Company put on its facebook page an advertisement for the Umarex H&K Mk23. Available for $180 USD and spare mags at $40 USD.


Ordering - After seeing the advertisement on Facebook for the pistol, I put my order in on Saturday July 23rd for the Mk23 and one spare magazine. "Why don't you order domestically from the United States" some may ask. At the time, AirsoftGI was still on "Pre-Order" and many other retailers had not yet listed it. So I receive confirmation of my order the same day on Saturday a couple hours later. I then send my payment via PayPal for $250.80, shipping was a hefty $30.80 USD. Which is the usual going rate for an express mail package from overseas. My order was packed and shipped Saturday night and was off to the US Sunday morning. I receive my package on Thursday July 28th, 5 days after I place my initial order. Perfection.


Initial Unboxing - The Mk23 is contained in a box with the usual H&K logos and the "No Compromise" slogan we have been used to seeing the usual USP System 7 pistols shipping in.





Included with the Mk23 is the KWA H&K Mk23, a bag of sample bb's, a Hop-Up adjustment tool, a users manual, and one 26rd magazine. Something instantly struck me as soon as I opened the packaging. A metallic sticker with the text "This product is only for sale and purchase in Asia (except Japan and Taiwan)."






From Un Company, they shipped the pistol with the threaded tip of the barrel painted with a light orange paint. I was able to remove most of it with a little acetone and paper towel, but there is some left in the grooves of the threads. The trademarks on the pistol were also covered in the usual black putty some overseas retailers use. It peeled off easily and left no residue. Which made me think, since the trademarks are officially licensed do they need to be covered when shipped internationally?


Test Firing - I gassed up the included magazine and stepped into my garage to get a quick feel for the firing of the pistol. Upon the first shot, I hear a loud metallic "PING". Looking around and then back at the pistol, the mock extractor on the right side of the slide flew off! I found the piece 4 feet away from me on the floor. It snapped back in, but the little spring that was behind it was long gone.


But getting past that, the recoil was snappy and hard. Much better than the sluggish KSC's of yesteryear.


Build Quality - The KWA Mk23 has the same high build quality we have come to expect from KWA from their most recent releases. The aluminum slide has a stunning black finish with the trademarks being laser etched into it. The polymer of the lower frame is something new though. It has a semi-rubberized texture to it and differs from the lower frames of the USP series. The only disappointing feature about the pistol is that, like the System 7 USP's it ships with a plastic outer barrel.


Function - Just like the real steel Mk23, and the KSC, the ambidextrous safety switch can only be operated if the hammer is cocked. The de-cocker functions as it should, decompressing the cocked hammer. The ambidextrous magazine release is also easy to operate.


Markings - The pistol features full licensed trademarks from H&K and Umarex. The left side of the slide features "HK MK23 USSOCOM Cal..45" and an individual serial number. Mine is "110600198HK".




On the left hand lower frame of the pistol has a letter "F" inside a pentagon with "cal 6mm BB", and of course the obligatory "HK .45" on the grip.




On the right side of the pistol there are markings on the barrel which read "HK .45 auto." and a serial number. "25-094705".




There is also white text on the right side of the slide acknowledging licensed trademarks. It reads "Licensed Trademark of Hecker & Kock GmbH".




The right side of the frame also has "Heckler&Koch. Germany" In raised letters in the polymer.


On the bottom of the trigger guard reads "WARNING. Refer To Owners Manual"




Under the properiertay rail has "Heckler & Koch" "Germany" With another serial number engraved on a small metal plate.




Trademarks are also prominent on the magazine, with "HK.45" stamped on one side and the "HK" logo on the bottom.




Disassembly - Like any Mk23 or USP model, disassembly is fairly easy. Retract the slide about one inch and push the slide catch through the notch. One thing I was not fairly happy to see the return of was the small metal spring that is on the slide catch. I can recall almost losing this piece many times on my old KSC, and finally actually losing it.




After you pull the slide off you remove the recoil spring, which KWA decided to faithfully reproduce the double recoil springs and the green o-ring on the barrel.




After the spring is out, you are free to remove the barrel and inspect the gigantic NS2 system. To note, the barrel has 16mm CLOCKWISE threads. KWA has announced they are manufacturing their own suppressor, but the TM, KSC, or King Arms one should fit no problem. To reassemble, just repeat the process :D




A shot of the lower frame for those of you with the KSC's to see how similar they are.




I was kind of disappointed to see such wear already out of the box on the slide rails.





Chrono Reading - Will be done on SAT July 30th, 2011.


Skirmish Report - Will be done on SAT July 30th, 2011.


I will be attending a rec game this upcoming weekend and will fill these sections upon my return.

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A quick question: How easy is it to accidentally release the magazine by touching the mag release?


On the KSC I had a few years ago, the mag release spring was so weak, it hardly took any pressure to drop the magazine (quite annoyingly).



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The mag release is much stiffer than the KSC. It doesn't take TOO much force to release it, but its an improvement over the KSC.


And I should mention that the sights are NOT adjustable. They aren't molded on, but they are not adjustable. The manual even says fixed front/rear sight. :(

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The mag release is much stiffer than the KSC. It doesn't take TOO much force to release it, but its an improvement over the KSC.


And I should mention that the sights are NOT adjustable. They aren't molded on, but they are not adjustable. The manual even says fixed front/rear sight. :(

HK says the sights on the real Mk23 are fixed. I think that screw on top is just for holding stuff in.




As far as the KWA model here, does it look as if the upper parts can swap into a Shooter Design/KSC slide and work on a KSC lower? I'll have to pull my KSC out later and take a look. Recoil rod setup certainly is different.

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the sights are adjustable for windage(at least the front sight, i havn't checked the rear sight yet). loosen the screws, bump them over, tighten them, easy. that's why they are screwed in, not held into the dovetails with friction. KWA has incorporated an oblong hole in the front sight screw to move it left and right a few millimeters. i can imagine its the same with the rear sight, but at least the front is.


i personally dont like outwardly adjustable sights like the bomar type for example. if i need to manipulate the gun one handed and i need to rack the slide, i can wedge the rear sigh onto my belt and rack it. i dont want to risk dammaging or moving an adjustable sight and the style of the rear sight is perfect for the purpose.


i haven't put to many rounds through it, but i haven't lost my mock extractor yet. happened to a few M9s that i have seen (only held on by glue anyway) but i hope it dont happen to me.


but what i have found i dont like is that i can manually push the trigger out of SA mode with moderate pressure forward. nothing else happens, you just pull the trigger passed the resistance again and its back in SA mode, but its weird and it shouldn't do that.


PS, i found the mags still fit into normal pistol mag pouches.

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Big. Probably the biggest handgun recoil I've felt, including a desert eagle and upgraded & metal 1911s (and many others).


Haven't tried duster/134a, but I imagine it would be pretty wimpy, if it even cycles properly.


By design, the mag release is almost impossible to press accidentally. Its a typical HK downward lever style, rather than push button. The spring in it is stiff but not too stiff, so you won't lose any mags.


I've skirmished mine a couple of times now. I lowered the FPS by widening the shaft of the floating valve with heatshrink, taking it down to around 330fps w/ .2g. The RATECH NPAS is also compatible, should you want easy adjustability.


I haven't fully tested the range or set the hop, but I got a few hits out to around 40m with out any hassle, I'll give it a thorough testing when the wind dies down a bit.


My mock extractor is pretty secure, its held in with a grub screw and has to be removed as part of the takedown process, so I can't imagine how the OPs managed to go flying - when I read the OP before I got mine, I imagined it was constructed similarly to the USP/USPc series, with the mock extractor clipping onto the slide, as I've had those go flying before but the MK23's seems solid.


Accuracy is very good. I'll post some pictures of groupings when I do the range testing, but for now suffice to say it is easily as good as a stock TM 1911.


The rear sight is adjustable by loosening the screw and moving it from side to side. This is also part of the slide disassembly process, so you'll have to re-zero it after messing with the slide internals. Or guess ;)


Slide internals are typical System 7, very good stuff. If you take the nozzle return springs off, make sure you reattach them with glue/crimp them to avoid them coming off during firing. This also happened with the USP/USPc, as long as it comes off at the BBU end and not the loading nozzle end, they won't get chewed up and won't need replacing.


Trigger pull in double action is long and hard. Single action has a bit of a dead zone before first pressure, then it is quite light and short pull to release the hammer. The decocker functions perfectly, you can also manually decock by thumbing down the hammer. The safety can only be applied when the gun is cocked, the decocker will not function with the safety applied.


As said previously, the outer barrel is 16mm positive thread, and fits TM SOCOM silencers with no problem. The gun cycles a little slower and kick is reduced with the silencer attached, noise is also significantly reduced, since the threaded part of the barrel past the end of the inner barrel acts as a loudener of sorts, similar to the USP Tactical, so the silencer completely eliminates this. The action is slowed and slightly quietened also, albeit not significantly. The gun, without the silencer, is VERY loud indoors. Probably the loudest handgun I've fired indoors, not as loud as an MP9 or most GBBRs, but still very intimidating in enclosed areas.


Cycle speed is very good. The magazine can dump all 26 rounds without a hint of cooldown, and no drop in felt recoil. Fantastic gun to fire. Gas efficiency is also very good, managing to fire almost 5 full magazine loads on one fill of gas (about 125 rounds before the gun farts out the last of the gas). This test was done rapid firing and reloading as quickly as possible until all the gas was gone, at room temperature. Despite the large magazine the gas efficiency isn't quite as good as the USP series, which managed about 150 rounds in the same test, although the MK23 has a much larger slide to cycle and a much heavier kick.


The MK23 seems to be very sensitive to rain, and it gets in through the hammer area quite easily. I had to dry it out at lunch time and relube to get back to peak performance. The recoil spring guide needs lubrication for the gun to cycle correctly, which although irritating isn't exactly a chore. It's also very big and has to go in my dropleg holster (which I hate). Also, the slide release will disengage automatically when you insert a new magazine (which I also hate), I hold the slide release up with my thumb as I insert the new mag, then release it. No biggie.


In conclusion: Get one. They're $180 and $40 magazines at UNCO, mine cost £180 shipped with 2 mags to the UK and then tax & handling was another £50. Definitely worth it.

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Just got mine. UK Land Warrior: H&K Umarex KWA MK23 £169.99


Worth it!


Been watching this gun for a while and saw it come up in a UK based store and snapped one up. OMG! Amazing. First time using a KWA product. I'm normally a TM fan, but using propane through them. They don't like it. This Mk23 loves it! Recoil is so hard and the BB fires so fast. guessing like 350+ the highest pistol I know to reach FPS. Seen vids in US right weather temp. Can do easy 400+ fps! 400fps in a hand gun! Awesome!


Problem I've got is I can't get any mags in the UK.

KWA have just released the official Mag so retails don't have it. Was having a discussion about the mags from WGC & UCOM that it isn't thr official mag but still works with the gun? Not sure what's true, or is there a profamance difference? Could someone compare KWA Mag that came with the gun and one bought from thr store?


Also having problems with holsters! Untill now!

I love blackhawk serpra holsters with quick attach kits that fit on thr Molle belt or Tac vests.

So I found a brand called blade-tech which do the some sort of thing for this gun, awesome!


Great pistol worth having!



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What blade-tech holster is that? Is it for the MK23? or something else specific model would really help so i can buy one thanks


i have to get one, they're so beautiful ! does anyone know if you can get blackhawk style locking holsters for this gun and where from ?




It came with a leg adaptor which i hate! I used Black Hawk Serpa Quick Disconnect Kit (COG System) to Blackhawk CQC holster Platform MOLLE on Belt or Vest.


They Also do Desert Eagles!


Official Mags @ eHobbyAsia: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/umarex-29rd-magazine-for-handk-mk23-ussocom-gbb-pistol.html

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RAtech slide and outer barrel installed.


It has some cycling issue.


1. hammer spring is too stiff. so when slide blows back, hammer reduces slide's blowback speed. It is simply brake.

And also, too stiff hammer causes jam between slide and hammer when slide locked back.. I have to push slide manually to release slide stop

My USP45 SYS7(with steel slide) japan version works very nice with much softer hammer spring. So MK23 does not need stiff hammer spring like this.


2. RA-tech outer barrel seems not working well with inner barrel holder. it's too tight. it also causes jam.(but slide is brilliant)


So, if someone going to buy steel slide for it, buy softer hammer spring from KSC japan, and use steel barrel not from RA tech.

(My USP45 works very smooth with Crusader's steel barrel. Maybe Precision's steel barrel may work fine with MK23)

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This gun works incredible with original plastic outer barrel and steel slide. It's recoil shock is about 2 times harder than other steel pistols.

As this gun has 400g blowback parts and near GBBR grade blowback unit, recoil shock is unbelievable.


To work properly, some upgrade parts are needed.


1. High flow valve: Like i said, this gun has near GBBR grade BBU. But magazine valve is same thing as other KSC/KWA pistols.

So it need to be upgraded to more powerful one.


2. Smoother hammer spring: If i call original hammer spring as 100% spring, 80% spring will be perfect.


3. Steel slide lock lever: As it is enormous gun, complete steel slide's weight is about 400g. About 1.5 times heavier than most GBB M4's complete bolt carrier.

So zinc alloy slide lock lever will break or bent easily. There is no steel lever on market yet, but it is needed.


4. Harder recoil spring: RAtech provides 150% return spring with steel slide but even it is 150%, still too weak for this 400g slide. I think it has to be 200%.


It has potential to become the greatest airsoft pistol on market. I hope many upgrade parts to be released.

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