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SRC M4 RIS and crane stock

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This gun had alot of potential being rear wired and including a metal RIS kit. However, it did not work properly from the start! The cylinder head had no o ring on it so there was no compression thus the FPS was maxing at 240. The famous Camden based shop that i purchased the gun from replaced the hop unit but this fixed nothing. I then had to replaced the o ring and so have not yet fired the gun after being fixed! the RIS kit is a little wobbly and so is the barrel but all in all i guess this is a good gun but my experiences with it force me to give it a 2 out of 5, purely personal.



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G36 is not much better, The Version 3 G36 is nice but the dimensions are off ever so slightly. Better than the Version 2 SRC g36 though everything seems to be TM compatible untill they aren't.

They are not really TM compatible, they are CA compatible(I have both CA and SRC).

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A Taiwanese proprietor of a local airsoft shop is trying his best to sweet talk me into buying an SRC Gen 3 M4 or AK, instead of the more expensive Vega Force M4. He swears by the SRC Gen 3's improved performance. I on the otherhand remain skeptical. I had the unfortunate experience of having once purchased a Gen 2 SRC XR-8-2 (HK XM-8) which proved to be nothing but junk externally and more so internally, Since then I have not bought an SRC. However, I must admit that I almost gave in recently, thanks to all your posts, Im staying clear of SRC. Thank you for saving me from another miserable purchase.

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I'm more inclined to think the problem is you bought an SRC, any reason that you didn't plumb for a CA or G&P?



Well, I already have five G&P Rifles (FN M16A4/M-14 DMR/Defender/Sentry VLTOR/Magpul PTS MOE M4 CQB) and three Classic Army ones (SLR105A1/MP5SD6/AUG A1). I guess I was just curious how SRC products perform when I made that mistaken purchase. To my horror, the SRC Gen 2 V3 gearbox was poorly reinforced; Tappet plate, selector plate and cylinder head were all made of brittle plastic; piston body, gears, spring and hop packing were all a joke (in other words, complete rubbish). As far as Im concerned, I will never again even contemplate purchasing an SRC.

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At OP, Did you buy the GENIII version or the *suitcasey* GEN I /II?


If you brought the GENI/II no wonder you are having so much trouble, I have had my GENIII 416 for over a year and i have never had a fault with the gear box, Out of the box it was shooting around 330, The only thing that sucks is taking the gun apart


Just take a read of this thread and some of the extra links provided with in it



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