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So I was looking for a few accessories - not a big order and these guys had it all in stock so I ordered about six weeks ago...


Got the tracking number, gave it a week - oh good, stuff appears to have left China.

Another week - no stuff, no UK tracking inf coming up at all.

Week three - start to chase the seller: "Goods sent. Please wait another week"

Week four - Nothing but "we will send replacement by w/end if nothing has arrived"

Week five - No new tracking number. Start dispute process via AliExpress. Rejected by supplier.

Week six - email supplier (suddenly they are using another email address BTW) and state that unless they re-ship the goods immediately, they can start discussing this with Paypal, the credit card co. and AliEpxress when I file a claim: "Oh no. We have shipping goods direct, We use EMS but no in office. We send tracking number at weekend"


Well guess what - no <fruiting> tracking number, another email from the 'new' address (Have me spoken to Customs. They keepy thing long time) and the end of my patience.


Everyone - avoid these con artists like the plague. Not only have they ripped me off but they've also put me right off using AliExpress again thus depriving honest sellers of my business.

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Well the stuff finally arrived:


Magpul pistol grip was some shiny ###### and in no way Magpul

Rail covers ditto and they snapped when I tried to fit them

Foregrip is Magpul and looks / works fine

UBR stock is a decent ACM Magpul - plastic is good but the finish on the metal work is only okay


Agreed a partial refund with the seller - never got a penny. My advice - avoid them like the plague. If they and there stuff had been any good, we'd have placed a large order by now.


Personally, I'd rather pay the extra and get my gear in the UK from now on from someone reliable like JD Airsoft.

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