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Hi guys,


A bit of an update really.


We have been gradually building a customer base since starting and have some new products available from our store.


We have introduced Crane stock and Stock tube batteries.


We are expecting over the next week a delivery of Ultimate products, if anyone has seen these they really are top of the pile when it comes to looks and performance.


Blaster BB's are on their way in 0.2, 0.25 and 0.3g.


I will be upgrading my XM177e2 with a custom built gear box. Starting life as an Ultimate full V2 gear box, I will strip and rebuild as per my own spec. This is going to be a monster. I can't wait to start this transformation.


I am undertaking hop modifications and as soon as they are finalised will be building full custom guns incorporating these. My aim is to out gun Systema on all levels. I can allready out gun them I just need a little more distance to out range them. The first of the mods are out for testing at the minute, so I hope to report good things about it soon. Or bash my head against the wall, which ever one fits...lol.


If anyone is looking for upgrade work please feel free to send in a pm. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.



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