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New here, greetings from...

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Hello guys,


I have joined this forum 3 years ago to see some informations about something that I've forgotten now... But I come back on this wonderfull forum, and I decided to introduce myself!


I'm Chillingfool, and I suppose you've seen that my english isn't really good. Well, It's because I'm from Belgium, from Liège exactly. I'm 25, and i'm playing airsoft since 2006. I'm rather a sniper than a assault man! My primary rifle (gun? replica? Dunno how to say...) is a VSR-10 Marui, with a full PDI upgrade @ 460fps. My back-up is a MK23 Marui with a 6.01 PDI and a Nineball bucking. I also have a G36c Jing Jong, full upgraded, 330fps and 35rds/sec ! And my last one is a new MG36 SRC (gen III).

I'm a lot on France-Airsoft, but i'm sure that I can discover some new stuff here, and maybe also improve my English :P


And, well, I love belgian beer.


Sorry for the faults... A bientot les gars!

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