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WE AKS-74UN First Impressions (Pic heavy)

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This one was a WELL G74A. This project was crazy flustrating but finally finished - and fully working.  

Here is my 74UN. Had to mod the little metal piece that came with the Zenit stock, as it doesnt align with the hole on the WE receiver and also it was a little long.     Internals Orga Magnus 6.32mm

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WE's AK-74 magazines are longer than the real deal. I know many that have tried and failed. Don't really see Well's being all that different.


It's not the costs of the airsoft magazines that I'm worried about, but the cost of the real mags.


Of course Dimitri is right, once again :D

But I've had these on pre-order from Brownells for 1½ years so I had to give it a try.

Good thing I only bought two :P


But it is a definite no go with WE AK74UN internals in RS MAGPUL AK74 PMAG shells. :(





Guess I am going to have to go with the WE AK47 mags in RS MAGPUL AK47 PMAGs because there's at least a chance to make that work :o

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Yes, even the with rubber/plastic buffer. The main problem is that, they used aluminium/zamak rear trunnion and the WE used steel as I know.


I already ordered a WE receiver which is on the way from KYairsoft.

A WELL AK is around 250$ with WE receiver with upgraded FCG. If the WE receiver is good (drop-in fit), I think worth of money.


We start a new development to solve this issue, with a new rear trunnion which the customers can lock by rivet-screws.

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I started to rebuild my G74A with WE AK74UN receiver. I found the following during the rebuild.


- The front trunnion is much bigger on WE receiver.

- The sight block, dust cover is fully compatible.

- The outer barrel is a bit different, the pin hole is different. You need to drill the outer barrel and fix it with epoxy glue. I recommend to get WE outer barrel with the receiver to make perfect fitment.

- The receiver has different hole-window at the pistol grip. WELL has a big window and WE has small locking squares for the grip. The reason of this difference is the plastic buffer in WELL, they opened the receiver to let place the plastic buffer in there.

- The stock hinge is a bit different, WELL has smaller spaces between the two hinge. Pin size is the same.

- The stock latch / button also different. WE button is bigger it has fully contact area, WELL has 1/3 size contact area. Its spring also different, the WE spring is as big as the free space in the receiver but WELL is half-big as the WE.

- FCG box can be fitted in WE receiver. Hole sizes and hole position is the same, there is only one diffences which is an addicton screw which hold the FCG box in the rear.


Today I got one WE AK74UN which I will measure in the weekend to let do some size changes on our OTs-14 conversion kit to let do totally drop-in fit for WE AK74UNs too. I think that we will do two type, one for WELL and one for WE.

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Here are some photo about WE-WELL mags. I will upload more as I have some free time again.

Check the comments what I did there.




The most important is this, WELL CO2 in WE receiver with WE magcatch. The scratch show you where seat the WELL mag so it is a bit higher as the WE.



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Without modification, nope. I can use my WE AK with WELL mags after tis mods but the GG version is better from WE.

The valve and its weight is much better. I hate that design they used fully plastic shell, the WELL did right with the metal-molded and changeable design.


I will do a video about this but I have some hard-trouble in my personal life now...

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I'm thinking about buying one and rebuild it with WE steel receiver. The pricetag of this thing is damn good and with WE receiver it is also affordable for an AK74MN replica - there are only KSC and GHK available before which are both really expensive compared to this.

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I think the same, they are long-lasting - but how they accept dropping?

That's not an issue at all. I drop my mags all the time when fast loading, never had a single problem. 


Dropping is totally safe. Falling on your gun mag first could potentially cause that lock to break... but better have a broken plastic lock, than have further gun damage or the magazine pot metal cracking.

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Not sure how this fits into all of this? WE/WELL AK.


Army Force Top Gas Magazine for Well/WE G74A AK74 GBB Rifle - $23.99 USD



Question is, since we concluded that the locking tab is different for WE/WELL how can they say it is for WELL/WE AKs? :o


They also have the WELL AKs not for $128 USD each, 74PMC and 74UN.





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