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WE AKS-74UN First Impressions (Pic heavy)

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Couple of new bits popped up on CWI.


The ROF upgrade kit, apparently adjustable:



The NSU flash hider:


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This one was a WELL G74A. This project was crazy flustrating but finally finished - and fully working.  

Here is my 74UN. Had to mod the little metal piece that came with the Zenit stock, as it doesnt align with the hole on the WE receiver and also it was a little long.     Internals Orga Magnus 6.32mm

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Got it all together finally.

Appears the hammer needs a little filing as it catches on the trigger box about mid way.


Leaving it alone will cause light striking or venting.

Thanks for the link Reppy; looks like you are on your way to having a pretty solid rifle.
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anybody else starting to think there is weight to the rumors that WE make the guns with pure *suitcase* for internals just so RATECH can skim the profits off the aftermarket bits?


Why doesent WE just spend that extra $50-60 ontop of the price of the gun and put decent *suitcase* inside it so you dont get these kind of breakages

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