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Viper Austria

Home-made Airsoft Props

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The “dirty” Suitcase…


Last spring my home-solarium went up in smoke and while disassembling the machine, the internals looked interesting enough to be recycled for Airsoft use.


I took an old aluminum case (normally used for equipment) and started to make a casing for the solarium components.


The very first design looked like this, like nothing much really:



After a little paintjob, and putting a little “screen” in the upper side of the case:









And to prevent it from looking to “serious”...




Well, fact is I’m not a genius when it comes to computers and electric devices in general. But the non-functionality of this game-device was bugging me… So I posted it on our forum and one of my colleagues instantly started to construct a built-in timer.


Because the old construction would not fit the LEDs and screen I was forced to make minor changes to the suitcase.


Here is the result, but it’s still a prototype – so the finish isn’t yet optimized.





A few short videos to show how the item works. Please excuse the poor quality.


1. Defused...


2. Too late...



The “dirty” suitcase has been used in a game recently and the feedback was phenomenal. During this FFA game, there was continuous action guaranteed and the “battle” went on for almost 3 hours. Very intense. And a load of fun to…

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The stationary SATCOM


Next item is a satellite-station. In-game it will be used with a camouflage net and some sandbags, to make it look like a small defendable com-site. Yet again just a prototype, we first want to see how it works during a game – and then we’ll optimize the construction.



After construction...





With paintjob...








An additional “smoke grenade holder”. If the player succeeds in placing the grenade in here and ignite it too, then the site is destroyed. Further option is to use the “dirty” suitcase from the previous post…




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Excellent work, Viper! Is this thread for all home made stuff? Got some tutorials in mind? We need to sticky one of these things (or have a "DIY" section separate from the other custom/troubleshooting work).


Here they use a can in a bright orange bag, making it painfully obvious, and expect you to be stupid enough to step on it/trip the wire/laser, ect. We can thank the government for hyping up threats so badly we have to make our props unworkable just for our own safety if we get pulled over while transporting them...

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Nice work.


Seen lots of props at various sites for airsoft games but rarely anything this good.


What microprocessor/screen etc did you use on the suitcase bomb? Any diagrams of its internals?

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@Don, it's extremely hard to find pics like that, but if you have a link to "normal" screens, I would be very grateful.



@Redshirt, if you have ideas for props or if you have built ones yourself, please post it here. I'm always looking for new ideas. Next up will be a non-functional mortar (very simple construction) and a SAM-site. For me, it's always important that constructions are light-weight, because our club does not have a fix playing ground.



@Vice, this is the info my collegue gave me, I don't understand anything at all what I'm posting next:

uC, Atmega8, 16mhz Quarz, ISR from Timer at 2hz for time, 2.7khz Timer ISR for the Beeper, State Machine in the main program for the configurationmenu as well as the keyboard entry. Written in "C"



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Built these two days ago and used them in a game yesterday afternoon. The 2 "semtex" blocks are made of plasticene clay with magnets inside so they will stick to anything ferrous.




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Just finished a set of magnetic props. These operate on a 12V remote controller and are LOUD.




Also working on a 2FT long dual 105mm artillery shellI IED/prop, it should be done this week.

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