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Upgraded G and P XM177e2


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I thought I would share my latest build as it has turned out better than I expected if fact I would say it is the best build I have done to date. Although not completely finished, it is one seriously sorted AEG.


As the title suggests it started life as a G and P XM177e2, I fancied something old school. There was a small hidden agenda there by me, but until I have fully completed this project I will keep that part of it to myself.


I started to modify this before attending the Nomad weekender a while ago, where I couldn't use it as it was too hot for site fps. Easily noticeable as it was out distancing a TM recoil AK, by a fair distance. Pity but there you go these things happen.


Following the weekender I decided I was going to put some considerable effort into making this gun special, so the first thing that went into it was a Stealth fet as the Raptors were not readily available and still are not. Since returning home from the weekend, it has really just been left on the shelf, but yesterday I decided it was really time to get cracking.


The gear box I am going to use is a modified Lonex/ Ultimate high speed unit. Unpacked it opened it up to check aoe and undertake some other high speed modifications. The first thing I did was to put the piston and piston head to one side. Reason being was I really like SHS pistons and the piston head was Aluminum with a bearing back. So had to go. They were replaced by a full metal rack SHS lightweight piston and an Action high speed pom piston head with no bearings. Spot on for high speed set ups.







Sorbo added to correct AOE, checked the shimming which was spot on from the factory, pretty much unknown for a gear box. But then this one is made from high end upgrade parts as that's all they manufacture. Slipped it into the lower receiver, grip on and then to motor choice. Do I use an SHS same as the ones I have had great success with or do I go with a new type?


New type won over and in went a Teinly/ Ultimate Ultra torque motor. These motors are really well made and offer a unique turbine effect to help keep it cool in the grip.


This is the motor with the 'old' G and P box...lol..Old as in not required as it was unused.





Plugged in the battery gave it a few test pulls and then it went onto continuous fire mode. Took it all apart to check the wiring but couldn’t see anything, so connected it all up outside the gear box. Plugged another small 11.1 in and same thing. So there we go, a useless Stealth fet and it has hardly been used. I had really high hopes for these but funny how things change your mind.


I have fitted a few ASCU's into other peoples guns but never into one of my own......Until now that is....Quick drive down to the workshop, collect a few parts and home again.


The first thing you notice with the ASCU is the fit into the gear box, so much better than the AWS Stealth fet. No need for any modifications, slot it in and place the tiny screw to keep it in place in and away you go. Take out the safety switch and ARL if you want to, on to the fitment of your other parts.





While I want this to be fast I don't want it to be extreme like some of our other builds so I have short stoked it but not as far as some we have built.


With this newer version of the ASCU you get a small contact patch to go inside the lower receiver in case the brass clip on the selector plate shorts and makes the fet malfunction. So they don't and the brass clip allows the selector switch to be in its right place to activate semi.


With the XM being a stock tube and not much else for battery space it was a little concerning where the control unit was going to be, particularly as you need to be able to get a screw driver down to attach and remove the stock tube. This was not as bad as it sounds. I shrink wrapped the leads which gives pretty much the right length to be able to get the 11.1 in the stock tube and the control unit on the end. This could be a sensible decision as it leaves the Deans connector hand should you need access to it for any unforeseen reason. It does mean that you cannot fully close the stock while you have a battery in place but does anyone use a gun like that? I don't.





Lower assembly all together simply slide the upper into place and put the locking pin in.


Now let’s test it. Battery plugged in back end of the sliding stock not put on just in case we have another failure. Battery plugged in, swap the programme to semi and three round burst. Wow, lovely. So tight so snappy isn't the right word for the speed of the trigger response, it is so so fast. There is that much torque it seems like the gun has blowback when you pull the trigger on semi.


The trigger pull itself only has a few mm of pull and smooth. The action is so much better than the conventional prongs and slide. The three round burst completes even with the tiniest pull so long as you make complete the circuit when you pull the trigger.


The Barrel is a Deepfire Stainless steel 6.02 and is fitted inside a Madbull Ultimate Hop unit.


I am looking to alter the barrel and hop up. My intention is to get one of the Airsoft Systems hop units which stop the gear box cycling when the mag is empty, so another PTW feature. Combined with an Ultimate Steel barrel and an R hop. When finished this will be one of the most advanced AEG's available, but then at the price I guess it should be. So what does it cost.


AEG 230.00

Lonex/ Ultimate gear box 130.00

Teinly/ Ultimate motor 80.00

ASCU 80.00

Barrel 30.00

Hop unit 36.00


Total £586.00 or there about.


Obviously that wouldn't include the gear box internal modifications, short stroking, sorbo, piston, piston head ect. But this is one well sorted AEG.


Internal goodness.





I have now also modded an Ultimate/ Lonex steel barrel for an R hop un tested at the minute housed in an Ultimate Hop up.

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That's a rocking build Midas! I have to admit I'm rather jealous. The XM177 is a sweet shell too.


So do you think those Lonex boxes are worth the cash? I can't say I haven't been tempted.

Also as a side note, and I hope this doesn't derail your thread, did you ever get any data back from that R-Hop testing? Last time I went to check Z1 was already down. Woop, only 20 days late. :)

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