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Canadian. new to forum, not to airsoft!

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My name is Falk. I am from Central Canada. I have been playing and collecting airsoft guns since about 2003. My first gun ever was a TM FAMAS SV which i still own. It's still bone stock inside, works like a charm, and used it last winter in a competitive CQB league. Although that was its last time in a fight and was retired since to be a collectors piece.


I like playing both CQB and outdoor scenarios with a team called White Wolf. I enjoy playing in a CQB league during the long cold Canadian winter. While i do enjoy breaching rooms, outdoor games are what i really enjoy. The majority of my arsenal is focused on Designated Marksman platforms and other full sized rifles. My biggest project at the moment is converting a KWA SR-12 into a USMC SAM-R. Semi-locked via MOSFET for 450-470fps which is the limit for bolt action and semi-locked AEG's in my areas airsoft game governing body (the Manitoba Airsoft Association or MAA). As you may have guessed i value accuracy and consistency over a high rate of fire and spraying a target lol. So if i post anything it will probably be on DM related topics. I recently purchased my first BA rifle so i will be snooping around these topics as well to try to squeeze more performance out of it in the near future as well.


At the time of this post i am winding down my outdoor kit. Preparing for upgrading and improvements over the winter, and gearing up for CQB for the next few months.





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