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Hi! I'm new here! :P

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I've already posted a few times, but I thought if I'm going to be active on these forums them I'd atleast post an introduction.


Well, I'm from sweet home Alabama, and I've been playing airsoft for 4 years now. Unfortunetly, most games were 'backyard wars' because Alabama has NO fields to play at. Once I get a decent gun, I'll occasionally go to Tennessee and play. I'm 14 years old, and am proud that I don't conform to the old 'immature kids with toy guns = airsoft' stereotype. I shoot real firearms fairly regularly, and love it. I'm also a level 7 male gymnast, and that's my passion. I'm homeschooled, play guitar, walk on my hands a lot, play a lot of PS3, and race radio controlled cars. Oh, and my name is Brandon, lol.


So yeah, there is me in a paragraph. ;)

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