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Beta Project Tactical AK AEG


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having not had much experience with Cyma ak's, Is the common consensus this is a good bit of kit, or are we talking upgrades off the bat?

If the front sight block/rear sight block/front and rear trunnion are like CYMA 048 AKM, then they will be potmetal/monkeymetal/bad.

Potmetal can break just by sitting there untouched(or not, but it is weak so anything can happen).


The internals are decent but not as good as newest JG.


LCT receiver, although needing modification, is still a vastly superior choice. That is if you actually want something that you will feel safe breaking down doors with (although slapping all this rails/tan paint/retractable stock on the AK makes it look like it can barely be used to rob candy from a little girl).

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i did this:




its a king arms adapter for the marui sopmod. basically, it fits over the buffer tube. i have to gripd it down a little bit though, because it sits on top of my hand a little bit.

ideally, i wanted the Freedom Art adapter, but nobody i could find has it.

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I started with a previously owned cyma/echo1 aims pmc. always liked the folding stock

on this vfc copy, and over all it feels pretty solid (if not hefty)- potmetal and all. 400 fps

out of the box. great response/cycling with an 11.1v lipo. beta project mag fits well, and

feeds flawlessly.


I chopped down a TM spetznaz front sight to better mate with top rail plus the TM flashider

and a railed m4 gas block i had in the parts bin. this one has EBB, and the two issues so

far is the selector screw keeps getting loose (will need a little loctite soon), and the bolt

keeps bumping the hopup slider forward (will need shave down or remove). will need to

wrap part of wire stock with paracord as well, otherwise it's a chilly cheekweld.


after takedown and a sprayjob here is what I ended up with (with AFG2 + mini RD + M249 grip):




took it out to a field game last weekend, went thru 20 midcaps (2400rds),1 battery, no complaints.

will tackle sanding down bolt down to metal next. good times.

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