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Well Hi-Capa 4.3 Full-Auto GBB

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This is a clone of the Marui Hi-Capa Xtreme. Look for articles on that gun for extra info on the internals, not gonna waist my time writing about a gun that’s been on the market for a few years already.




1. Presentation


Being a cheap chinese gun, I didnt expect much from the box and what would be inside; besides: what do you need a nifty gift box with pictures on it, foam on the inside, etc. for? This gun is plain cardboard (only a small “Made in china” sticker) and it oes its job of both hiding and protecting the gun just well.

The only extra was a small bag of BBs that I threw away immediately, just in case.





2. Externals


The gun is full metal as far as it goes: slide, frame, barrel and chamber, trigger, hammer, sights, grip screws, controls and everything else that would be metal on a real gun is metal. All painted in a nice, even, matte black. Only the trigger guard, grips and magazine base plate are plastic. I dropped the magazine a few times from quite a height and it still works, to my admiration.

The metal is probably of low quality (again: who cares), but its light compared to other ACM guns.

The frame provides a long rail to attach lasers or whatever you’d like.


There are no trademarks on this gun, but that will change soon, as Im taking it to a jewelery engraver. There’s only a serial number on the frame and the classic “.45 ACP” on the chamber.


The chamber, outer barrel, hammer and recoil spring guide are all painted chrome, unlike the grip screws which are polished. The outer barrel has internal threading, which means you can attach a silencer adapter to it, instead of buying an expensive new OB.

All in all, the externals are nice, but a bit dull: take the slide to an engraver and get some rad custom markings on it and paint the grips and you are good to go.

The only con about the externals is that the sights are molded into the slide, you won’t be able to change them for some aftermarket ones. They are good, quick target acquisition, but they come with no dots, so get your white paint and a small brush.





3. Internals


As I said before, this is a clone: there’s plenty of info on the internals out there. Id say they are about Army quality, not bad for the price.


4. Shooting


So, first of all: this gun is full auto only. The way they do this, is the slide only cracks back ¾ of the way, thus only halfcocking the hammer. The little piece on the right side of the strike unit is pressed down all the time, so the sear isn’t engaged and the gun shoots for as long as you keep the trigger pressed. This ¾ blowback also doesn’t the let the slide be blocked after the last round, but you can do this by hand, because the slide stop and the magazine work that way too.


Like all full-auto GGB pistols or SMGs, this one has a monster ROF, it’ll empty the magazine in no-time, that’s what the 32 round capacity is for.

The blowback is good, not as hard as my old KSC M93R, but very snappy.


Accuracy: it’s a full auto, gas, 4.3 short pistol. If you want to shoot targets get a 8” Luger. This is more of a CQB weapon.


The controls work a charm, even better than my Marui P226. The only thing you must be looking out for is the magazine when you leave the gun on a surface on its left hand side: because the mag release button is oversized to help mag changes be faster, the mag will be loose when you pick up the gun form that position. Anyway; I dropped it twice and the thing is sturdy as hell. Another downside is the slide rattle, but that’s to be expected on almost 90% of guns.


5. Conclusions


Well, I can only recommend this gun if you are looking for either a cheap Hi-Capa in 4.3 format or need a full auto gun with awesome blowback action (this is why I don’t have electric guns) for mainly CQB or short distances fights. Evidently, this will serve you well as a back-up gun: not as much range as a longer, high-end GBB, but the auto function will sure make up for that!


Note: the gun has some feeding issues out of the box. May need breaking in or tweaking.


BTW: the slide is compatible with 1911/MEU/Kimber (see my Kimber below), but youll have to interchange the BBU, because of the full auto function.




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Nice review Chas.


Just if anyone is interested, I can recommend getting a 50 round extended mag for your Hi-Capa. Not just the Full-Auto one.


They balance the 4.3 really well in the palm, and, well......it's got more rounds in it! Which in a Full-Auto is only a bonus.

I swear by them in my 4.3.


I got mine from Elite Shooting Centre (UK).

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