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I make special CQB events in Sweden.

Small teams of 5 to 8 people play against OpFor controlled by me.


In one day, with two teams, we consume 300 grenades, 1 kilogram plastic explosives, 80 meters of detonating cord, a lot of pyrotechnic devices, 30 liters of fuel and a lot of sand/dirt.


Some of the special rules of the game: Correct uniforms and gear, only midcaps (maximum 80bbs/mag), max 110mps with 0.2g bb), ear protection, no synthetic clothes.











More pictures:





... and some movies ...


November India CQB Celebration 3.1 - Mission 1






TTW mission 1 :)










Lot's of more movies on youtube. Hope you like it!


Best wishes!



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How the *fruitcage* did you get PE and det cord? :huh:


In fact, cancel my last, I don't think I want to know...


Well the army are hardly going to be using it on anyone anytime soon are they? :P


However my next holiday is so going to be to Sweden, any chance of a pop up from me? Though i would have to learn the local language :D



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Bladerunner168: Well, does not that depend on what the buyer wants? The cost per person depends on many things, but somewhere around 150-250 GBP.


CKinnerley: I buy it from a local company. The PE and DetCord is civil versions, and I got a license. :)


FireKnife: Gather a team of 5-8 people and we can talk about an event for you.

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