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Classified system - possible improvement?

Newer system or stay with the old?  

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  1. 1. Which would you prefer?

    • Old system - I prefer the forum system
    • New system - I'd like to give that a go

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I'm looking at an addition to our forum that'd give us a possibly better classified system. You can see a demo of it here: http://dev.millne.com/classifieds/


I'd like some feedback. There's minimal work/cost involved to implement it and we could change back at a later date.


Let me know your thoughts folks, this forum is here for you, so unless we get feedback or requests for modifications we can't make things better for you ;)

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Id say give it a whirl, i use the classifieds alot, and am happy with what we've got, but thats not to say i wouldnt like that more, as you said, we could always go back.


Regarding classifieds, one thing id like to see return,or re-invented is some way of tracking feedback from sales/trades, we used to have the rep point system which i thought worked well,why was it removed if you dont mind me asking?

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At present the reputation system built into the forums is a forum wide system. It's hard to restrict it to a single forum section. It also can't be linked to a specific topic such as a sale which is what I'd like.


We had a system some time ago but it was an addon and that addon ceased to be updated or work. ;)


If it's wanted we'll happily add something suitable.

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that looks like a good option, the fact you can access it through a members profile, and if im reading it right, it can be just added to the sales section, so people cant just leave negative feedback because they feel like it, or theyve had an internet brawl/war.


and is this to be used with it? http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/4942-feedback-information-classifieds/

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Jumping n the reputation band wagon. IMO all other parts of the classfields section works well and doesn't need tweeking, but the absence of a "flag up proven good and bad sellers" program is sorely lacking.


Not that I'm against change, and I'm certainly not against the proposed system.

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I think this about covers it:

  • go to the topic for that trade
  • copy the URL in your browsers address bar
  • go to the member profile you wish to provide feedback
  • click the feedback button and paste in the URL you copied earier
  • select the feedback you'd like to give and submit it

I'm going to try to put a feedback button in the sales threads so you can just find it there rather than in the user profile.

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if its not listed on the sales forums then i guess it doesnt count? as its not relevant to the forums and people reading it.


feedback should aid to weed out any unscrupulous types quite quickly on here, considering you need at least 100 posts to access the sales anyway, this would be more useful for those who've reached 100 posts and the big pearly gates of secondhand sales open,and you can see whos trustworthy enough with your hard earned cash.

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Yea, we generally try to discourage random sales solicitations via PMs as it is rife for problems. At least if there is a thread there is some sort of easier to follow trail. I have done deals via PM before, but they were all with people I know and have dealt with in the past.




edit: Arnie, quick question about the new format; since the thumbnails cause the thread titles to be bigger, would it display less threads per page? I think right now the default is 30 thread per page, if this drops it down to 10 per page I think we would see an increase in bump attempts. <_<

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I can probably tweak the number listed, also bumping wouldn't be possible :)


As mentioned above this is a feedback system for forum sales only, PM trading is risky. I'd recommend covering sales started in a topic as soon as you start to help cover things, then feedback can be given.

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