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Galaxy MP5K Review

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This is a review of the galaxy MP5K.


Again, no pictures. Sorry guys, I'll make sure I upload some later though!


The Galaxy MP5K is a great gun that I love to use. It's amazing for CQB, however with .2 gram bbs it can overhop the shots a bit even on the lowest settings. This is no longer an issue if you use .25s though.

In America I think that you can find the Galaxy MP5K for less than $100 from a lot of stores (When it's in stock) however being in New Zealand I had to buy one for 250 NZD brand new (BB guns are complete ripoffs over here) which is equivalent to 194 USD. The gun comes with a 200 round hi-cap and I think it usually comes with a 70 round small magazine too, however I'm not too sure on that because mine didn't come with a second smaller magazine for whatever reason.


Out of the box, the gun shoots at around 350FPS which I think is very good for a CQB gun. The accuracy is great when using .25 bbs, and many a time people have thought that they'd have the advantage with an M4. They were wrong.

This gun is very light, you could easily wield two of these. Installation of the battery is pretty easy. You remove the cap (not sure what to call it) at the back of the gun, slide in your battery, remove the front grip and connect the connectors. Simple enough.


What comes with the gun:

Included in the small box is a Galaxy MP5K, a 200 round hi cap (and possibly a low cap magazine as well) an EXCLUSIVE chinese charger, an 8.4v Ni-Mh chinese battery (I've had this for around two years and although it's not great, it makes a good spare battery.)


I've had this gun for two years and other than it jamming when I half pull the trigger(which is very easy to fix) I've had no problems with it. UNTIL TODAY.

For some reason, my charging handle started randomly flopping around. I'm no expert on the internal parts of an airsoft gun, so I removed it completely :) It was very easy to do, I just unscrewed one screw, and slid out the charging handle.

This isn't really a bad thing since now I can fit an even bigger battery in, and you couldn't even pull the charging handle back when the battery was installed.


Overall, this is probably my second favourite airsoft gun that I own at this point in time (behind my TM Hi-capa 4.3)



Very affordable

Great CQB gun



Comes with a battery and charger

Working charging handle for people that love to give MP5K's the old H&K Slap

Very light

Ambidextrous safety




The charger included with the gun is a piece of *beep* and it makes me think that my house is about to burn down when I use it.

With lighter bbs the gun can overhop the pellet




Thank you for reading my second review. I would appreciate any and all feedback you, the community, can offer.

If you would really really love pictures, then I will be happy to add them when I get a chance to.


Thanks again,




PS: This is an AMAZING gun, I love it :)

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A lot of these have the "overhop" issue as standard. Replacement with a different bucking and nub sorts them out.


Ive also noticed, after working on half a dozen of them, that the hopup units tend to "creep" while fired, which is an unusual problem for mp5ks. This can be solved by taking the hopup unit and barrel out of the gun, giving the post on the hopup unit that protrudes through the slider a slight shave, and tightening the screw down. Be careful not to shave too much because it'll prevent adjustment at all, or make it very difficult.


I also think theyre a little hot for cqb, but that's a matter of personal opinion.

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Any idea on fps? Here in uk we need to stick to 350 max on .2s for us to use if it is hot will the gearbox take a change? I.e dismantle decent enough gearbox?



320fps outs of the box, both of mine were that. The one I still have has only dropped 5 fps in 5 years.

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