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TM Hi-Capa 4.3 Review

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This is a review of the Tokyo Marui Hi-capa 4.3.



The Hi capa 4.3 (referred to as the 4.3 in this review) is a great pistol. I usually run around with it using it as a primary weapon in CQB, since it's so damn fun to use.


Out of the box, the 4.3 comes with a 29 (or 30, not sure) round magazine, some bbs, an unjamming rod, a manual, a story about how the hi-capa series came to be, and some targets.


This pistol can easily get two full clips off before it runs out of one fill of gas in the New Zealand winter (Around 12 degrees Celsius at the coldest where I live)


The 4.3 has a 4.3" barrel. It is a very reliable and accurate pistol, with plenty of upgrade parts available just like any other TM pistol. I'm about to upgrade mine with guarder parts from my local airsoft shop.


The first time you fire the 4.3, you will be amazed by the amount of recoil it has (for a gbb) It is equal to a TM desert eagle in terms of recoil, and instantly brings a smile to anyone who has the honour of using this pistols face.

It is very accurate, has an adjustable hopup, has a tactical rail and Marui markings on it. This pistol is also double action, and won't fire unless you squeeze the thing on the back of the grip like a normal 1911. It also has a safety which can only be engaged when the gun is primed like a normal 1911.


To sum it up,



Lots of upgrade parts available

Plenty of power

Very accurate

Great gas efficiency (I run it on propane)

Plastic slide (I prefer plastic slides due to the fact that the gun doesn't get as cold and I think that the cycling of the slier is smoother, however I'll leave you to decide on that due to the fact that this is entirely my personal opinion)

Nice, crisp blowback

Lots of recoil

Magazine holds lots of pellets



None really.



Thanks for reading my review. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated, positive or negative, so that I can improve my reviews in future.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll get back to you ASAP. If you would like I can also upload some pictures.


Thanks again,


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This will probably be moved to the gbb pistol section. Anyhow, the downside to the 4.3 hicapa is that the plastic slide does not have any metal inserts to reinforce the slide catch like ones found on the desert warrior 4.3, foliage warrior, and the 1911 models which will lead to a worn slide catch notch....specially when used with an enhanced recoil spring and green gas.

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