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G day guys

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Hey there guys I'm Nick (Guess my last name :P) I'm an air softer all the way down in NZ, I have been playing since 09 so I'm not that much of a newb (I hope).

Currently I rock my CYMA AK103 witch was converted from a CYMA AK74M ATM it is my only gun but I am working on something for CQB since Nika (My AK) is a bit too powerful, I am also a bit of a camo ###### I currently have: ROTHCO Tigerstripe, Thai Tigerstripe, Flora, ERDL, Woodland MARPAT, Vegetato, a Ghillie suit and M81 BDU's :D

This fourm looks awesome so far I hope that I can learn a few things (Which I have no doubt that I will)

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