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Glock 17 IPSC gun?


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Bit of a thread bump :)


Did you get it finished Kunlun ?


I was going to erase some photos from my attachments memory, free up some space, thought i would see how the project was going first :)



I managed to crack my stock TM slide (green gas, hot day 500+ rds etc etc) so have picked up a standard Guarder slide to replace it.

Yet to play with the alloy slide, but it's fitted fairly easy and now running smooth on stock recoil spring. I have been playing lots with the stock slide and frame mounted red dot sight though, immense fun and able to engage targets at 40-50m with .30 BB's.


Played around with short stroking again, but for actual game play, full stroke with slide hold back on empty mag is easier than counting shots.

After i get to play the new slide i think it will be going on a diet, speed the cycle rate up a bit :)


Stock TM G17 slide 36grams (G17c is not much lighter)

Guarder alloy slide claimed weight 85grams. Mine weighs 71grams ? (reckon the shops quoting weights are wrong)


Stock stripped out TM BBU (no nozzle/piston head) 52grams

with some very carefull work with basic tools now down to 39grams.


So if i can trim some excess weight off the slide then cycle performance will be near stock TM but with metal slide.


Skirmish race guns are fun !

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I managed to grab a 2nd Glock that had a Airsoft Surgeon slide and extra mags. I used that for IPSC for a while but since a few weeks my slide has been stuck, the Nineball spring guide somehow managed to unscrew itself so I had some struggle removing the spring from outside. Now the AS slide still doesnt go smoothly over the body, not sure what is wrong.


I have one of the glocks for sale now and I already got a bunch of parts to make a hi-capa racegun. Just for the simple reason I want to go Open class and there are more parts available. I will keep one Glock though as my secondary when I go skirm, but I still need to fix the slide somehow.

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+1 on the hi-cappa thoughts.


Also bagged a second TM G17c for parts. Bit of a basket case but with TM mags, practiced some things on that and got it running as a back up now.

My Guarder slide, all parts fitted together fine. But the slide was rough to cycle.

After comparing against a stock complete upper it appears the BBU is sitting a fraction lower than in the TM slide, a very gentle polish on the rail contact points seems to have cured it.

I did slightly enlarge the barrel hole at the front of the slide as i have a fixed extended outer barrel (had to file that down a fair bit as well).

My ghetto short stroking (bit of hose pipe over the recoil spring guide) put some gentle upward pressure on the outer barrel which now has a score mark, meaning it made contact with the slide.


Having a complete stock pistol to compare against the one i am working on has been a great help in trouble shooting.

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