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I was one of the other two scurmishing with the bear and I concure , was realy comfortable to wear for nearly a whole day . Only ditch it so I could wear a bush hat as the sun had dropped lower on the horizon and wanted a bit of shade for the vision . Highly recommended it , if your in two minds over it .

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Affixing real-deal accessories to the TMC AirFrame.


Here you are then...






Medium-sized Crye helmet cover fits correctly and was a drop-in, no problems or modifications. It is a little on the tight side, however, so if you've modified your helmet to make it a bit larger (I think I saw a tip for doing that on here), then you might think about going for the Large. Can't really say how that would fit.


Rail-based accessories feel a little more wobbly than I'd like. Ops-Core Picatinny rail piece fits well and I'm not too concerned with it, but the Ops-Core Contour mount is shakier than I expected and doesn't lock down very well. This could just be because of the tiny tab that was broken on it out of the box, and I intend to send it back for a replacement, but I'm not sure how much difference it should make. Not super impressed with the quality of that particular piece so far, although the adjustable angle is useful (and I've already done it here).


The Ops-Core VAS shroud fits fine and everything else is as expected.

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Tried to cannabalize the ACH OCCDial liner onto the AF.




Reason being is that the AF helmet wraps around the back of your neck head much lower than a ACH would so the dial itself has no clearance in the rear due to the shell.

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Just got mine from J.K Army today. Came wrapped in bubble wrap in a nice sturdy box. Everything seems to be of good quality, including the plastic, and straps, and the shell itself. I have three gripes.

-The straps don't always stay in place when adjusted. I can loosen them if I work my jaw around hard enough.

-The glue on the pads is awful, as has been noted. A few of the pads on mine were bouncing around the box when I opened it.

-It sits pretty high on my head.


The jury is still out on whether or not I like this. It certainly looks cool and I'm going to hang onto it at least until my VAS, Peltor ARC mounts, and Crye cover get here, but I may pick up an FMA FAST copy to decide which I like better.

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I ordered a clone Shroud on ebay and it fits well. About 20USD shipped and they had it in tan too. The seller was from China.


My setup so far, pics to come:

- Helmet

- ebairsoft Zsordins

- TMC half mesh mask

- unfortunately the mask doesn't allow me a full seal on my sordins


- JT Spectra paintball goggles (i wear glasses)

- HD contour helmet cam mounted on top, mohawk style


It fits well with the zsordins but now its harder to aim down my mbus (iron sights). I really like iron sights too...

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Helmet in action from 4:09 to 5:02. I wore both a-tacs and pmc uniforms in the video.



- airframe of course

- metal mesh half face mask

- revision asian locusts goggles with rx inserts

- hd contour velcro-ed to the top

- Z tactical sordin headset



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