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Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?


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It's really simple people.


Scorch is right, the My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch! thread (although a great place to get out the stresses of the day) is very negative, let us celebrate the things that have made you smile.


Today or ever, just post the things that make you happy.


To start things off:



Big Bang Theory



Hugs from my wife.


Night night lovely people.

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Coming downstairs this morning and seeing my puppy just playing and being a mong, sees me and pads over to talk. (not real talk... But she does come up to you and yips/squeaks/whines when you speak to her), she's a he'll of a character and makes me giggle all the time :)

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The fact the hot yet suitably immature, slightly older but still shockingly fit secretary type woman in my office is wearing quite a low cut top today.





*edit* Also, she just leant over the chest-high cabinet next to my desk to discuss the walking dead for a while just as I typed that last bit.


Once again; Schwiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

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First bit belongs in the other thread but:


My best work buddy just quit.


However, to help out he has agreed to work 3 months notice instead of 1.




Also, digging around in a box I fund a Chaos assault marine I painted for 40K about 17 years ago.



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Woke up next to lovely smiling wife.


Found out I dont have to get books back to the library till tomorrow. Oh Yeah!


Found unfinished pasta dish in fridge, will finish today! Oh yeah mk. 2.


My father phoned and let me know that me and the missus can borrow sommerhouse and car for holiday! Oh yeah mk. 3.

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Sorry for the double post but I am really happy right now.


I have an HTC Sensation.

I rooted it.

I have deleted all the social notworking bloatware from it.

I have oveclocking and underclocking available at the push of a haptic button.

OS map overlays are available free.

Installed the US only app Pandora internet radio.

Am running it on proxy through Orbot.

First two songs were Pearl Jam's Nothingman and the Stone Temple Pilots' Creep, Nothingman is my favourite song off Vitalogy and probably my number 4 best PJ song ever.


As I type this it has started playing Disarm by the Smashing Pumpkins.


It is like the 90s up in this MoFo!!!


I love you Pandora.


Oops, verve, bittersweet symphony - I'll skip that.

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I mostly finished my tumblr theme .. which for a man who has never studied CSS (but clever enough to pick up what i wanted to do via google / friends) was a fair amount of work.


This also made me smile:




A Leon action figure xD

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This morning I woke up with no hangover from last night's quite heavy night out, and when I got in to the office, the woman in the work cafe accidentally put 3 rashers of bacon in my sandwich instead of 2.



Also, I somehow have a fresh pack of smokes already in by backpack, but with no recollection of buying them. Huzzah!

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Bacon and egg sandwich, with baconnaise.


And I'm spending the next few days at the girlfriends house watching sci-fi movies and generally having a geek-out.



This makes me a happy camper......... (its a legitimate strategy! lol)

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Someone took all the unbalancing out of warhammer, and made it good, AND it has a basic forumla for creating units so all armies are equal, basically bans special rules, you use literature to assign charachter, like a giant instead of having this rule, that rule etc. Would jsut have, high attacks, high Toughness, wounds and you use literature to describe what makes it different. I'll see if I can find you a link =]

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