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Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

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Kinda depressing working out I handed over well over two years wages for myself this morning.


My ex worked in a casino cash desk. She sent me a selfie once where she was laid on the count room floor surrounded by over half a million quid.

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It's really simple people.   Scorch is right, the My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch! thread (although a great place to get out the stresses of the day) is very negative, let us celebrate the things that hav

Stepped out into the garden 15 minutes ago; Found out nature had used a bucket, some H20 and some cold to produce me an awesome plinking target;    

Current girlfriend is just about perfect. Super intelligent, is a doctor (so helpful, if the Russians invade and we need to start a guerilla war), absolutely filthy in the bedroom and when she's upset

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Despite not being able to make up my mind on how to use a gift card (games naturally, nothing was at the right price to either use up the card or pair up with something else), I had one smile moment today when I realized Archer has a 6th season.  Immediately sat down to watch the first 3 episodes.


Somehow The Americans is getting a third season in a few days, not sure what they are going to use for plot, but eh, I'm sure it will be ridiculous and cringe-worthy.

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I think my bosses daughters periods have reversed !!! 3 weeks as an absolute *badgeress* and one week as a near human .

Unfortuantly she is is charge of handing out the day work so everyone is grinning and bearing her in the hope she gets run down or suffers an illness that ends her job on her dads company !!

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I haven't had a dream I can remember in about a year :( Sucks.


That'd be that there cannabis. I tend to be in such a deep sleep that I don't remember my dreams - unless on the weekends where I have a lie in (as in, out of bed at 13.30) where I tend to be waking up & falling back asleep several times.


ZMA gives you crazy dreams though I haven't had any in a while.

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Not sure really. They are super intense (for a dream anyway) - if you've ever had a dream which has altered the mood you wake up in - expect more of those. From a quick google;


The effect of pyridoxine (Vitamin B-6) on dreaming was investigated in a placebo, double-blind study to examine various claims that Vitamin B-6 increases dream vividness or the ability to recall dreams. 12 college students participated in all three treatment conditions, each of which involved ingesting either 100 mg B-6, 250 mg B-6, or a placebo prior to bedtime for a period of five consecutive days. The treatment conditions were completely counterbalanced and a two-day wash-out period occurred between the three five-day treatment blocks. Morning self-reports indicated a significant difference in dream-salience scores (this is a composite score containing measures on vividness, bizarreness, emotionality, and color) between the 250-mg condition and placebo over the first three days of each treatment. The data for dream salience suggests that Vitamin B-6 may act by increasing cortical arousal during periods of rapid eve movement (REM) sleep. An hypothesis is presented involving the role of B-6 in the conversion of tryptophan to serotonin. However, this first study needs to be replicated using the same procedures and also demonstrated in a sleep laboratory before the results can be considered certain.

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I like the way they've got 'bedtime' into a study like it's science.

In other news, the building has mice and they've eaten the god damned biscuits. DEFCON mother funkin' 4. Got a soldier stagging on with a nerf gun, another sent as a runner to order mouse traps. Maybe rat traps.

We're taking no chances.

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If you want trippy dreams, melatonin is what you want.


When light levels start dropping, your body starts producing it - getting ready for sleep. It helps you stay asleep, crucially - so taking some is good if you're a light sleeper and need a better night's rest.


Take a lot, and the dreams get incredibly interesting :D Really really vivid. 

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