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Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

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It's really simple people.   Scorch is right, the My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch! thread (although a great place to get out the stresses of the day) is very negative, let us celebrate the things that hav

Stepped out into the garden 15 minutes ago; Found out nature had used a bucket, some H20 and some cold to produce me an awesome plinking target;    

Current girlfriend is just about perfect. Super intelligent, is a doctor (so helpful, if the Russians invade and we need to start a guerilla war), absolutely filthy in the bedroom and when she's upset

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The boy is marshaling it and I think he has one to sell.


And the breaches do look cool. I want the gas ar running for him got to find a good tech now the parts are all here on my dressing table.


Check out Paradigm Rifle works on Facebook. Jay is a really good bloke and knows his GBBRs inside out. He will definitely be able to help! 



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So the weekend of dopple-gaming went well.

Ground Zero's Saturday game was much better than expected. Hudsons89 had two free games so I proffed one and we tottered on down.

Arrived around 0900 and sat about in the car park, eventually got signed in - no facilities there but coffee/toilets but was sunny so it didn't matter.

We were the only two non-regulars (a few first timers with friends as well) all in we were pretty welcome, and after showing that we knew how to clear rooms (dopple-breacher action) they let us make calls.

Games were a series of attack/defend games with reasonable limits, but with the play area size and numbers on the teams they were a well contested in places.

All in - pretty good day out, with the right numbers of marshalls to players the tradition GZ cluster funk didn't happen.

Second game day down at Warminster was (biased opinion incoming) damned fine. Professional throughout and well worth a visit. I play there irregularly at best but everyone down there is friendly with an ever evolving site.

Between the above games I got very drunk. Now i'm at work and i'm still buzzing from the weekend. This is strange.

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Iv found a source for the poxy little pin this *fruitcage*wit tech lost from my p90!!! Unfortunately I have to buy a whole hop unit to get it :( what's better the prowin cnc p90 hop or a TM hop unit?


Prowin has a blue prommy rubber in because said *fruitcage*wit couldn't fit in my madbull shark rubber because he was a *fruitcage*wit. Charged me 30 plus the cost of the new rubber that was only needed because of his incompetence and handed me the gun back telling me 'semi auto now doesn't work' with no offer to fix it even though I knew it worked when it was given to him.... *fruitcage*wit.

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I have one of those.  They are decent.


For me it was a toss-up between the Mobius or the SJ4000.


The SJ4000 has compatibility with GoPro accessories, but the low profile shape and layout swung me towards the Mobius.



It's probably going to end up inside a dummy PEQ box or attached under the peak of a baseball cap


(as demonstrated by a forum member who kindly took the time to PM some pics and resulting vids of his setup)

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If you're running it on a cap, I'd get the lens extension cable.  That way you could mount the main body on the side of the cap and run the lens to the front in very low profile manner so you don't block any of your view.

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