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Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

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Post what you make of SS-GB.  I was quite hyped for it but I've read it didn't quite hit the mark.


I've been enjoying it. I can see why people complain about the mumbling, Sam Riley has that sort of voice. Will catch up on yesterday's episode tonight and then there's only 2 more so might as well watch it all.

I've always found the "What if the Nazi's won?" alternate history interesting when done well, loved Fatherland by Robert Harris, The Man in the High Castle started off really slowly but has picked up, and I really enjoyed Wolfenstein the new order.


If you're into those sorts of stories, then I suggest an alternate future book; The Fall of Night by Christopher Nuttall.

With NATO gone, the US presence in Europe practically non-existent and barely tolerated, Russia finally has enough of EU meddling in ex-Soviet nations.

I was reading it while Russia invaded Crimea which was a tad disconcerting!

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It's really simple people.   Scorch is right, the My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch! thread (although a great place to get out the stresses of the day) is very negative, let us celebrate the things that hav

Stepped out into the garden 15 minutes ago; Found out nature had used a bucket, some H20 and some cold to produce me an awesome plinking target;    

Current girlfriend is just about perfect. Super intelligent, is a doctor (so helpful, if the Russians invade and we need to start a guerilla war), absolutely filthy in the bedroom and when she's upset

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Well, that's professional.



In other news: The Administrator of the EPA, Scott Pruitt (a Trump appointee) has said on television that atmospheric CO2 levels are not the main driver of climate change.


This is it.


Anti intellectualism has spread into the highest levels of the US administration.

This guy is either:


A) Almost impossibly, aggressively moronic.




B) Lying for reasons unknown.



Either of those should exclude from from office.

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I think we should make arrangements so that when the evidence turns out to prove that we're in the inevitable hjeating pahse, Pruitt and his cohorts get locked into medical apparatus that will make them the last humans alive, forced to suffer the elements unable to die. Because let's face it, killing them at that point would just spare them the sufferign they have inflicted on rest of us, and we shouldn't reward them with a fast way out....

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I watched Logan yesterday.  Amazing.  Just sad that it took them so long to do Wolverine justice on film and then they're done.  Plus that Jackman could still pull it off if he was inclined to based on the level of badassness of X24.(highlight to reveal spoiler)

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I have literally just watched my first episode of Rick and Morty.


Keep Summer safe.



In other news, I have now nearly completed my rebuild of my gaming PC.


Custom water cooled 6700K now at a smidge over 4.7ghz and I need two fittings to be able to connect the 1080 Classy to the loop.

I was really worried about the pump I got but it turns out when the PWM lead isn't connected it only idles.

Once I booted into the OS and got the software up it spooled up to full power sharpish.


My power supply is garbage and there is a replacement EVGA T2 1000W Titanium in the post, should have it tomorrow.



Unfortunately I seem to have lost the silicon lottery, try as I might I cannot get up to 5ghz.

It made about 3fps difference to the built in bench mark in GTA 5 though.


Oddly enough when I overclocked the graphics card I got less fps.  Possibly due to memory errors in the overclocked memory.


The best thing you can do to a 1080 though is just to keep it cool, when the PSU is plugged in the only sound my PC will make will be the GPU trying to go into orbit.

Once the fittings arrive the GPU will become silent too and should stay at about 35 degrees.

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Technically, it's already butchered as it's a mish mash of the various GITS iterations.  Just depends how well they can pull it off.


It's supposed to be based on SAC. However, the trailers imply there's some American rogue vigilante thrown in.

Funny how Hollywood loves rogue vigilantes, but when one shows up for real and blows the entire CIA/NSA/alphabets internet surveillance machine wide open, they label him a traitor.

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I *fruitcage* love MassDrop.. thanks Stunt! ;)


Too offset the anger of kerbing my rims I treated myself and managed to bag a Spyderco Spy-DK for just shy of $39USD including postage to the UK.. I've been looking for a nice carry knife here in the UK! 


Top that onto the Wild Country Adventure tarp I picked up for around the same price the other week I've saved myself a few bob! 





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They keep listing the matador surface, which is a oil, water, fuel, *fruitcage*-everything resistant foldable work blanket sort of thing, designed for putting under a motorbicycle or car while you're working on it to stop *suitcase* going everywhere.


I've wanted one since I found out about them, and nobody in the UK sells them.

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