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Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

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It's really simple people.   Scorch is right, the My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch! thread (although a great place to get out the stresses of the day) is very negative, let us celebrate the things that hav

Stepped out into the garden 15 minutes ago; Found out nature had used a bucket, some H20 and some cold to produce me an awesome plinking target;    

Current girlfriend is just about perfect. Super intelligent, is a doctor (so helpful, if the Russians invade and we need to start a guerilla war), absolutely filthy in the bedroom and when she's upset

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Love finding parts you've been on the hunt for. Managed to source an elusive 416 hop chamber for my TM so now I can sort the rest of the internal goodies.


Thinking a Prometheus TBB (Or should I go widebore? :o) and Prommy purple rubber.


Widebores are totally worthless. Go for a good quality tightbore (prometheus, PDI, EDGI or Mapleleaf are good shouts) with a flat hop or mapleleaf rubber.

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So I have enough Destiny 2 footage for five more half-hour videos.

I have the first one ready for export, overlays, extras, etc (like that transition over character creation in the video above), and a rough cut of the second one, in which I am singing. Badly.


BTW: what title are you seeing in the video above?

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The trusty fiesta passed it’s MoT today! Have a corroded brake pipe that’s not far off bursting which is annoying. I HATE replacing brake lines!


Still another year good to go after that one change. It amazes me how little I have to do to it maintenance wise, such a trooper.

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UPS didn't call. Applied to 32 job applications today. Met a really cool new girl today at my convenience store. We had a good laugh about the cold weather and the fact that I am always warm, so I never wear a coat. I'm not so sure, but I think she liked me. Even if not, kinda nice to talk to someone other than my dogs, lol.

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