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Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

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It's really simple people.   Scorch is right, the My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch! thread (although a great place to get out the stresses of the day) is very negative, let us celebrate the things that hav

Stepped out into the garden 15 minutes ago; Found out nature had used a bucket, some H20 and some cold to produce me an awesome plinking target;    

Current girlfriend is just about perfect. Super intelligent, is a doctor (so helpful, if the Russians invade and we need to start a guerilla war), absolutely filthy in the bedroom and when she's upset

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Game host guy managed to bore out the damn screw on the rpk, so hopefully when I get back out to play on the 27th it will be all set to actually be able to take apart and fix.

Decided that since the rpk 45 rd style hicap I bought earlier this year would not feed right I'd learn to take one apart.  Did not manage to fix it (pretty sure it is either missing a piece or just cast wrong) but realized that I could take the 74 style hicap that doesn't feed and replace its guts with a midcap that had a broken front lip, and it worked out.  Wish I had a spare rpk 45rd midcap guts to put in the hicap's shell, but alas I do not, nor any 30rd style ones to half *albatross* it.

Also fitted a lct ultimak top rail to my cyma ak104/5.  Not a perfect fit but it will do, even though I don't really have a good optic for it (just threw on a decade old ncstar red dot I had in a box).

So progress I guess.  Waiting on some shs delay chips to see if adding one to my bizon's gearbox will solve its feeding/compression issue or if I will have to redo the compression set, then might have to check on the ak105.  The RPK is the main challenge due to needing to either find another plastic hop up unit (since the one in it is warped for the bb feed tube portion) or buying another lonex one, see if I can solder back on the lengths of wire needed to make it rear wired again (probably not because the nukefet trigger wire so thing and wiring will be worse with having to make splits), and finally looking at the gearbox again.  Can't find a stateside shop with nukefet kits available to just redo it all again, and clandestine doesn't have any mosfets instock.

rip my wallet

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Not much happiness lately eh?

Twas a fun day out at the local field.  The bizon (which i said fack it and threw the 12:1 gears into) ran good, at least, the event hosts liked how it sounded on just a 7.4v lipo (the hop up on the other hand was finicky as usual and the mags likewise).  Couldn't clear buildings with it because somehow I made the compression too good with a swapped full cylinder and went 360fps range on a m95 spring (oops) so I mostly played brushwookie in my Partizan M suit's autumn side.  Sadly one guy wanted to ruin my fun by lighting me up in my back well within his MED (had another guy do the same to my face mask side region later on after I had already called hit, raised my hand, and was in the process of getting up from my spot on a small mound, could tell he was just being an *albartroth*).  Main kalash also performed well, but the ak104/5 I think needs a rework again, maybe ignore trying  to be under 350 fps goal and just throw a stronger spring in it again.  Maybe needs a 12:1 gearset as well, they just seem to make everything sound better, except for my wallet.

Managed to resell the 11.1v I just got that would not work for me (too large for dustcovers) to one of the event hosts who sorely needed some, I'm fine on my 7.4v still in the end.  One of the guys plans to go to the game across the state next weekend and I am going to see if I can get out there too (last rec game for said field for the year).  Might even get together with their team for one of those weekend big games in a neighboring state next year.

Got the rpk back, and it indeed can now be taken apart completely now, and the one grub allen screw seems to still be able to hold it together well.  Going to get a longer screw for that spot and see about finding something to fit the "reamed out" one, though unlikely.  Going to take a look at the gearbox and see how it is holding up chrono wise, and then see about getting another mosfet set to rewire it to the stock again, or if I'm mad enough try to splice the current wiring to where I can run the t plug end of it all back to the stock.

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Life ain't bad at the moment.

7 year wedding anniversary tomorrow, and away for a long weekend without child and dogs next weekend to celebrate. Favourite restaurant booked along with hopefully decent accommodation.

Been buying frivolities too. New EDC knife which I'm very impressed with. A touch stiff to open, but carries nicely, and looks pretty. Also bagged a watch I've lusted after for years, no longer available. Got it new from someone's collection they were thinning.

New phone too, which is.... Strange. Contract was up and I took a punt away from Sony which I've had various for many years. It's a pixel 4. Battery is *edit, pants*, but the night sight camera is good. Meh. Doubt I'll have another though. It's good, but not great. Can't put my finger on it. Getting a 'free' (ha!) Chromebook along with it too though, which will be used.

Still love my (hairdressers) car. Great on fuel, nice to drive. Android auto is good, and after 2 years I'm still happy I have a 'new' car. I need 4 new tyres though, gah...

Family is good. My son is a happy, intelligent and caring little boy who wanted to join his beaver troop today to acknowledge the sacrifices made by people he doesn't really understand about yet. His moral compass is strong, seemingly without having ideals forced upon him. His friends are the same, so it's not us telling him what to do. It was his choice.

Wife is great, and as always a smoking hot fox. I'm definitely punching there. I'm genuinely a lucky b'stard.

Job is still good. We are still busy, and they are making me work for my pay rise but I'm liking that. It's a new challenge which I needed as I was starting to stagnate I think.

As you may tell, I've had a dash of booze tonight, but that ain't bad either. Sunday roast with said family, all very wholesome!


I really can't grumble. I even have a sideline in making bespoke items for people which means I get to play with dangerous tools in the garage and generally *albartroth* about. It's all good.

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31 minutes ago, hitmanNo2 said:

I forget what you drive. Is it a Z3, a TT or an MX5? :P

Nothing as manly as those alpha male cars, you cheeky person


It's a Suzuki Vitara...


Mock all you want. It's cheap, good on fuel, actually drives well  (carwow agrees), under warranty in case things break, and a huge fanny magnet*


*One of these may be a fun.


I also have been known to wear pink clothes, but all of this is because I am secure in my sexuality!

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9 hours ago, hitmanNo2 said:

Ah right.  It's just those 3 are the ones that come to mind when people joke about hairdresser's cars.  FWIW, I don't consider a Suzuki Vitara a hairdresser's car.

I get a bit of stick about it at work!

No effs given though, it's a really good car!

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I was going to say earlier that you'd be ready for Stunt's Empire Officer Corps but then I see the above exchange.

Got Borderlands 3 for half the usual game price these days (still on old as fack ps4) off of amazon (somehow cheaper than ps store itself) that is on its way sometime this weekend.  Hopefully it will tide me over to either a game I actually am looking forward to comes out (atm just the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle remake next year) or I finally heal up to go play the hobby I prefer more these days.  Sadly no shops had any good deals on airsoft ak or val models to draw my wallet out more.  At least I got the one gearbox actually running and got a mosfet and ics fire selector to truly get the 74m running.


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What is making me happy?

From 1987 until 1994 the world was blessed with one of the greatest television shows ever created.
Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Recently I got the HD remaster BluRay box set of the complete TNG.  41 discs, 178 episodes.

When it was on the TV I considered myself a Star Wars fan first, Star Trek second.

However, Star Wars is for kids, George Lucas and Disney has made that very clear.  Rewatching Star Wars makes me feel condescended. Star Trek speaks to me as an adult.

So, here begins a short review of every episode, as I watch them.
S1E01 and S2E02 - Encounter at Farpoint.
Bit hammy but a good introduction to the crew.  Beverley Crusher is a bit of a knob, obsessed with her kid.

Q is good, Data, good.  Interesting to see Geordie and Worf not in their more familiar roles.



S1E03 - The Naked Now.

The crew get infected with a space maguffin that makes them drunk.  Data boinks Tasha, Beverley gets steamy with Picard but his willpower is too strong and he resists the hot (but high maintenance) redhead.

Wesley is bloody irritating but saves the day.  Riker - reliable.


S1E04 - Code of Honour.

The crew need to obtain a vaccine from a planet with a population ruled by a code of honour. They kidnap Tasha to show their strength but their boss falls for her.  The boss' wife then challenges Tasha to a fight to the death.  By this point Shatner would be stripped to the waist and trowing punches but Picard bamboozles the aliens and gets his crew and the vaccine.

It strikes me that I haven't mentioned counsellor Troi.  So far, annoying.


S1E05 - The Last Outpost.

The Crew chase down a Ferengi ship that has stolen some Federation tech but wind up in orbit around a planet from a long dead empire that has a device that is draining all the power from the Enterprise.
Riker and an away team transport to the planet to investigate along with a team of Ferengi scientists.
They are immediately double-crossed by the Ferengi, Shatner would have killed them for it.
Instead, Riker has a nice chat with the controlling AI of the machine and convinces it to release both crews.  Partially due to his knowledge of Sun Tsu (somehow).

Pretty good.  (All Ferengi must die)


I am really impressed with the conversion.  The people who made this HD remake really respected the original material.  The re-scanned the original 35mm film so there is plenty of resolution, they even left it in 4:3 instead of messing with the shot composition to make it 16:9.



Tune in next time I can be bothered for more reviews.

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If only airsoft reviews were this good.  Also, how can anyone resist a redhead, I know I couldn't.

Decided on a whim that all those cyma rpk mags that wouldn't fit my lct rpk might as well be modded to do so.  Got the dremel out (knowing I only had really the disc saw that could cut metal) and after much metal flakes everywhere and multiple test fittings, I got all of the ones that didn't fit originally to do so.

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S1E06 - Where No One Has Gone Before

An annoying *rickroll* and his assistant come aboard the Enterprise to try to tune the warp engines for maximum efficiency and speed.
It turns out he is a charlatan and that his assistant is able to make the ship travel at ludicrous speed to a place where the crew can alter reality with their minds.
After some messing about the assistant agrees to try to return the crew to their start point.
He does
Before they let off the assistant tells Picard that Wesley Crusher is special in some way.
Great, the annoying kid is the chosen one.


S01E07 - Lonely Among Us

Two groups of antagonistic *albatrosses* are on board the Enterprise are being ferried to the planet Parliament for peace talks.
On the way the Enterprise goes by a nebula, sparks come out of a sensor console and hit Worf who gets possessed, then Beverley, and so on and so on until the computer is full of spark-possessor.
The spark thing learns what it needs and possesses Picard who then flies back to the nebula, gives a speech and transports himself into the nebula.  However the spark dude jacks on him and leaves him in space in a non-physical form.
Picard gets back into the computer, is taken to the transporter room and (I assume) presses ctrl-z and comes back to life.

This is the episode where Data learns about Shelock Holmes which pays off later.


S01E08 - Justice

The Enterprise has been working hard and everybody is whining about shore leave.  They find a planet that is unexplored and somehow thingk it is a good idea to take an annoying child on an away mission there to assess the suitability of the planet for crew shore leave.
Riker seems happy, it turns out the planet is full of sexy, scantily clad, horny, uninhibited 20 year olds.
Anyway, Wes commits a crime by mistake, gets the death penalty and Picard has to negotioate with the people of the planet and their orbiting "god" (an advanced race in a space station).

I'd have left him to die but his mum would have been insufferable.


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