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Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

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Guess who forgot to get travel insurance for the first time ever... shouldn’t have planned a wedding around the same time!

It’s fine, my wife read the table wrong and ours is the last train out, so will leave it as is for now. Since it was a package through Eurostar I’m hoping any amendments apply to the whole booking, but if not I will seek compensation for any extra nights.

Alternatives to get out are available but don’t really want to cut it short! Haven’t been on a holiday just me and my other half, abroad, for 6 years

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It's really simple people.   Scorch is right, the My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch! thread (although a great place to get out the stresses of the day) is very negative, let us celebrate the things that hav

Stepped out into the garden 15 minutes ago; Found out nature had used a bucket, some H20 and some cold to produce me an awesome plinking target;    

Current girlfriend is just about perfect. Super intelligent, is a doctor (so helpful, if the Russians invade and we need to start a guerilla war), absolutely filthy in the bedroom and when she's upset

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Just took my old RPK out onto the back deck with the new 11.1v lipos to try them out.  Chrono showed it not as consistent as everything else of mine (but not the worst ever), and I couldn't really see out there being dark out, but the sound!  Is this what being in the 21st century is like for an tech stagnant *bramston pickle* like me?  Shame they won't fit under the dustcovers of the rest of my collection, but for once in a long time I smiled to myself.  If only I could get this pain out of my side so I could try it out on the field!

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Wasn't sure where to put this (debated opening up the usual Christmas loot thread) so here we go.  Only things that made me smile today: a 2019 Nightmare before Christmas ornament for my ugly *albatross* tree and "The Airsoft Bible", both from my sister and brother-in-law.  Apparently this book is getting around and it looks to be a good read for the future.

Merry Christmas you lot of money pit diggers.  :bleh:


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We can only hope that in Stunt's Britain such holidays will be either removed or restructured in some way.

Worked out for near 2 hours yesterday and didn't completely die.  Drinking water only now so hopefully I can start slimming down again and pretend to be more positive.  Got wiring and stuff on the way to redo the accursed lct RPK, seeing if a Gate Nanoasr will reduce the amount of wiring that I have to try and feed through to the stock.

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Dreams of an empire yet fulfilled.

Had a good day of airsoft today at the quite farther away field than usual.  Much better than the previous weekend at said field.  Got to meet a lot more old hands and roll with them most of the day.  RPK worked but also not because no mag really fed with it, whether Cyma 45-rounder midcap, lct midcap, hicaps, anything really.  I suspect it is the nozzle being too long or not moving back far enough (most if not everything has a shs nozzle of some sort, and looking into the hopup on both shows the RPK almost completely blocking the chamber compared to my oldest kalash when dry fire semi) which unfortunately means having to take it all apart again.  Ran my oldest kalash for most of the day, which was interesting because in semi it occasionally (read as every 4-5 trigger pulls) wants to do a burst.  Bizon sadly did not get any play, as the last game of the day amidst snow flurries I tried to run it but the 7.4v lipo either got cold or something internal did because it just wasn't having it (worked fine back at my car with the other stick lipo that was in the ak all day, both work fine now).

Also I love GATE Nanoasr double signal wire setup ease and now I want to blow money on changing out all my ak and bizon mosfets to them now.  HALP

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Watching stupid people get all upset on social media as they try to defend their stupid decisions by digging themselves into a bigger hole. The guy really thought it's ok to play airsoft on government owned land with public access because he can't afforđ the green fees at his local site

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I'm back into my usual routine and back watching TNG.


S01 E18 - Home Soil

The Enterprise drops in to check on a behind schedule terraforming endeavor.  It is being run by General Gogol from James Bond.  No wonder.

So, it turns out there is a new form of life that the survey team missed and the crew sort things out.  However, the thing that bothered me about this is that the Enterprise, which has a detachable saucer section and an arboretum, has a science lab that cannot be jettisoned.


This episode would have been pretty straight forward if the crew could have just pressed a button and launched the science lab into space.


S01 E19 - Coming of Age

Crappy Wesley episode.

An obnoxious nob comes aboard to do an audit.  After the audit, an Admiral tells Picard there is some kind of rot happening in Star Fleet.  Picard is offered a job at the Academy to help investigate the shenanigans?  I don't know.  He doesn't take the job.
Wesley does his Star Fleet Academy test.  It involves a fake explosion and actors.  He appears shocked by this.  There is literally no way they did it just for him and if it is standard practice then everyone would be expecting it.
He doesn't get the place.

S01E20 - Heart of Glory

Worf episode.
Three Klingons come aboard.  One is sick, he dies.  Worf Waaaghs like an Ork.  There is a lot of filler with the Klingons telling Worf he isn't Klingoning right.
Then it turns out that they are fugitives since the Klingons have decided to join the Federation and they want to keep up the "old traditions".
More filler.
Worf kills them and Waaaghs again.

S01 E21 - The Arsenal of Freedom

The Enterprise responds to a distress signal at a derelict planet, once famous for weapon design.  Call it Space Belgium.

In violation of dozens of Star Fleet regulations Picard, Riker, Crusher (hot), Data and Yar end up on the planet at the same time, leaving Geordi in charge.

Both the Enterprise in orbit and the personnel on the planet are attacked by advanced weapons.
Meanwhile some belter from engineering decides to try and take command form Geordi.  Geordi does not throw him out of the airlock.  Instead he puts him in charge of the saucer section and splits the Enterprise.

Turns out the two ships that sent distress signals, the entire population of the planet and nearly the Enterprise have been killed by a weapon system stuck on "shop demonstration mode".

Picard disables that by agreeing to buy some weapons then gives Geordi *suitcase* for only having half of the ship left.



S01 E22 - Symbiosis

The Enterprise responds to a distress beacon and rescues some people.  2 from a rich planet full of happy pharmacists and 2 from a miserable planet full of plague victims.

The plague victims make all the products the pharmacists need and the pharmacists produce nothing except the drug the plague victims need.

Except the drugs are just narcotics and the plague's symptoms are just withdrawal symptoms.

The Prime Directive prevents Picard from intervening but he also doesn't repair the junkies' cargo ships which will eventually cut the supply and free them from the drug use.

It's an okay-ish episode.  Not enough Riker.

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I like Symbiosis.

Also, nothing good ever comes from answering distress calls. They're nowt but hassle.


EDIT: Bought a car. Its ace. (Shiny red Mini One, with black stripe. Fantastic condition and low mileage for its age.)

Also, got given a 3d printer. All my VSR mags now have mag pull tabs on them and I'm designing a mag stacker for the H8R revolver. 

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Yeah, actually, most of the episodes that focus on a specific crew member are bad.
Except Data, Picard, Riker and Lieutenant Reginald Endicott "Reg" Barclay III.

The Crushers are particularly annoying with precocious being worse than hot.

Right then.

S01 E23 - Skin of Evil

This episode gave me thoughts.  I thought: "That is nice prop work with the oil slick baddy.", "Have they literally drawn that shadow onto the film?" and "What kind of irresponsible race of space twats removes all of the evil from their minds and turns it into a powerful oil slick before just yeeting themselves into space, leaving it there without even so much as a warning sign?  What if someone steps in it?"

Anyway, someone stepped in it.

Troi and a dude crash their shuttle on a planet, the oil slick takes them hostage, an away team beams down and Tasha Yar gets killed.

Picard then makes the oil slick so angry it forgets about its hostages and everyone beams back to the Enterprise.

Then Tasha has a funeral.  Odd, really.  In the original series about 60 people get killed and Tasha is like - the fourth? - member of the crew to die in just this season.  Not a single one of those other scrubs got a funeral.

For some reason Wesley was at Tasha's funeral.


At least she died with her boots on.


S01 E24 - We'll Always Have Paris

The episode opens with a two stuntmen "fencing" then cuts to a close shot and Picard is one of the swordsmen.
We learn that Picard can fence but that Sir Patrick Stewart cannot.

There is a time glitch and a distress call from someone and the crew set off to assist.  The victim is called Mannheim and that triggers a strong reaction from Picard.
He asks how long before they get to the planet then goes to clean his sword and have a shower.
He then asks for and ETA again and we learn our second thing of the episode.  It takes Picard nearly 2 hours to have a shower.
What the hell?

Mannheim is sick, his wife is fit (80s fit) and is wearing a jump suit thing that has no sides.  She clearly has no bra on and a solid gust of wind would allow us to see her boobs.  Sadly there is no breeze.  She is also Picard's ex.  He stood her up and legged it into space because he was frightened of commitment.  Crusher is a bit jealous.

Turns out that Mannheim has ripped a hole in the universe and is currently in two different dimensions.  Data fixes the hole. Everyone goes to the pub.

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Does anyone have any recommendations for a cheap portable hard drive?

My wife got us a trip to Iceland for my birthday and as my phone has no expandable storage because Google are idiots (have I mentioned that the pixel 4 is a terrible phone apart from the camera...) I could do with something I can dump pictures on, and also from my drone.

I don't need a lot of storage. A couple of hundred gigs will do, and something cheap as I doubt I'll use it much. I didn't want to gamble with a Chinese eBay one...


Thanks in advance!

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