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Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

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Honestly, besides not being able to go play and being less inclined to get fast food, nothing really has changed all that much (which is either laughable or so sad you wish someone would put me out of existence already).  Job certainly more stressful since the powers that be decided to pull me off the line as a tender and make me hand pour things with practically no training (and this covid business has made them all go made with facemasks and faceshields and too many things that make my forehead sweat), but still just putting along, though I am reluctant to do overtime during this whole crisis as frankly I cannot be arsed to stay longer.  I am finding it hard to enjoy console gaming much at all, nothing seems to spark a long session or anything, and I am worryingly spending more time browsing social media posts.  Haven't done any tech work or anything like everyone else seems to be doing seeing as the golf course bordering the yard is open and flooded with people and neighbors are out all day in their yards.

I have devolved back into thinking about how I just want to die more often, but I contribute that more to my madness sparking off than this mess of a year, and constant reminders of how no matter how much I work my lot in life is not going to improve.

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It's really simple people.   Scorch is right, the My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch! thread (although a great place to get out the stresses of the day) is very negative, let us celebrate the things that hav

Stepped out into the garden 15 minutes ago; Found out nature had used a bucket, some H20 and some cold to produce me an awesome plinking target;    

Current girlfriend is just about perfect. Super intelligent, is a doctor (so helpful, if the Russians invade and we need to start a guerilla war), absolutely filthy in the bedroom and when she's upset

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My life hasn't changed much either.

That isn't inherently bad, it just means that the people I care about are almost all online friends so the way I interact with that hasn't changed.
I don't really like people or the outernet so being in the house is fine to me.


You seem to have a lot on your mind, look if your boss has made you do a new job with no training that essentially absolves you of any responsibility for mistakes.  I find that makes me less stressed.
If I mess up, it's their fault for not training me.  A fact that can (if necessary) be argued in court.

I hope you find something to enjoy, a little something to look forward to.  It's out there, don't close your mind to that possibility.

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12: 52 am here as I type this.  Just woke up from heat coma after resting from game on Saturday.  Had a great time despite the sun trying to kill me.  RPK ran with the Drum just fine (still shoots like *suitcase* and speedsofter with hpa tapped ar-9's outshoot me) but not having to carry anything but the replica was a nice change of pace for most of the day.  Had another player I remember from previous games that could not get his gbbr working right and other misfortunes, so I loaned him my ak105 for the rest of the time he played.  He loved it and kept saying it was slick, which made me smile since I was sure it wasn't going to work well having just changed the spring and one shim section on it recently (and the general gremlin curse all my stuff has).  I ended up using it towards the end of the day and getting a few more kills (even against one of the hosts who became my shot trading partner for the last two games).

Not sure I can handle another Summer game like that though, took a lot out of me despite my efforts of hydration prior and during it.

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So I finally decided to order a Flux Brace for my NotGlock.

Then I found them on AliExpress.

Only 10% cheaper.

I can overpay 10 quid or so, I think. So all in all, I managed to find them and place an order (on CRW) so that's a good thing.

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Well, I went and purchased a personal vehicle... First in 30 years... And still two-wheeled. A Chinese SuperSoco TC electric motorcycle in the 3kW power. that means it's classed as a moped. It's DARN lot of fun, even if I got it just today and didn't do a long ride to start off. And it's stylish as heck in the light brown and what they caal Vintage Green, which is just about as close to classic DARK British Racing Green as you can get things off the shelf.

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Got out to play today despite everything going on.  RPK still not really performing like I wish it would but it did some work for suppression.  Sumpftarn suit worked somewhat well due to the field being mostly brown (no snow here yet).  May have not had the best day out there but getting to play the day before I turn 29 is about the best I can ask for these days.

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CARROT in aldi

This year the carrot and family got early, as I recall last year someone was seeking just so you know the full family is at my local ALDI witth Kevin and friends (this year no brussels...)harry and Turkey and maybe is something local, one with a scottish flag kilt.

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On 12/8/2020 at 1:48 PM, Hedganian said:

I only wanted the hedgehog, but couldn't get one from the local shops. Hordes of the carrot family themselves still left, but all the new 2020 characters went very quickly.

Loads of these hedgehogs in my local Aldi.  You want me to get one for you?

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Funny thing: I bought a knockoff MH1 sight on AliExpress, ordered a rechargeable lithium battery for it seeing how it's supposed to be recharged with an USB cable, mobile charger, whatever, plugged it in... and discovered it has a secondary battery that actually works.

To be entirely honest, the internals don't inspire confidence, as you can see inside and it's mostly empty, but hey. At least it looks somehow and allowed itself to be adjusted.

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Yeah, kinda hard to say anything when what happens feels about the same as what happened the week/month/year before. 

Went airsofting two weekends ago, local field with only a few folks and 2ft of snow at the time making it hard to even walk, but had a good time nonetheless.  I mostly go to chat with the two hosts, who I wish I could join on their big event game adventures out of state latter this year, but I know I never will.  At least the p90 didn't explode yet.

Trying to get into gaming more than just staring at my laptop watching other folks play games, though currently it just me grinding away at a mmo on my ancient ps4 whilst I wait for a MH game to come out on switch.

Work has been back to a 4 day 10 hour schedule since the start of the year so far, which gives me Fridays off.  Sadly it just means sitting in bed more since living at home leaves little to no social life even if Covid matter wasn't a factor.  Rather have Mondays off for those Sunday airsoft games at least.  Got some basic weights arriving later this week to try and improve my body strength (though will probably just end up being a costly waste).

All the usual really, just constant depression barely numbed by whatever I stare at for what hours I am not at work, aches and pains I have no recourse for (developed high arch issues with left foot resulting in needing insoles to function at work), and no real changes for me likely for the rest of my days.

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Enough moping around.  This is the happy thread.
Gunmane, focus on a small, significant goal that you can achieve.  Something simple.

You are watching streamers right?
Nothing wrong with that.  What kind of games do you like?

I really like watching DarkViperAU, he is a GTAV streamer, right now he is trying to play through the whole single player campaign without being damaged in any way.
At the moment his PB is 1 death.  He's intelligent, articulate and entertaining.
He uploads his VODs to Youtube and the editing is good and pretty funny.

This is his 6:27 speedrun of the game.


I also like BeagsAndJam, the guy "beaglerush" is funny and articulate, he has good interaction with chat and he is also one of the greatest players of XCOM in the world.  The guy is mustard.
Here is a post nicked from reddit with the links:

Quote u/bestan >

As much as the man is being meme'd on this sub, Beags "Dickbricker" WOTC campaign is pretty legendary


Be careful though, first episode is like straight 8 hours of gatecrasher restarts, until the appearance of Geoff "Dickbricker" Stevens, and the rest is history.

Best moment IMO being that clutch mission with the Archon Ruler, with Vinogradov the man literally too angry too die.




Some great moments, lots of content

Also, sometimes it is nice to learn something, try Fact Fiend with Karl Smallwood on Youtube.
He's a bit of an *albartroth* but his stuff is well researched and entertaining.



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So the grip seller on Etsy replied he'll have custom wood grips for the Desert Eagle ready next day after order, for $80 shipped from Germany. Hmh.

Now I don't know if I want P38-style grips (think Red Heat), standard stippled ones or suitably tacky ones stippled into tiny skulls.

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JKArmy billed me to upgrade the shipping for the Desert Eagle to UPS.

Normally, that would be a bad thing, but right now a) this confirms they indeed have it in stock, so third time's the charm, and b) it'll get here faster.

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Okay, so due to the frankly idiotic screwup with the grips guy, I had to contact DHL and sort out customs stuff. Lo and behold, I sent them all the paperwork at 11AM yesterday, and the courier turned up five minutes ago.

Meanwhile, UPS is still faffing about.

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Local field day went well yesterday, though naturally I had my gun snafu curse still.  Apparently my ak105 was shooting 360fps with .25 which makes it into DMR range joule wise (which means I need to change the spring in it again or something), my RPK pretty much will not feed from its drum at all now after changing the stock sealless *suitcase* nozzle to a shs short one and bugger me if it will feed from anything else.  P90 was silly on 11.1 v and I ended up using it for most of the day. 

Had a lot of newcomers out who managed to somewhat put up a challenge to some of the old hands that showed up.  Lots of banter with folks I know, weather was about as good as it will get here.

One of the game hosts has me mucking about with an old cyma.28 gearbox which I am doing probably a poor job at but at least it will be interesting to see if it will actually work again.

MH Rise comes out this Friday which is my off day for work.  As much as I hate splurging on a game on release day (especially after getting robbed to high heaven by an foot doctor on Friday for orthopedic insoles), I kinda feel like I need this right now more than ever.

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