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Grey Ghost Gear Lightweight Assault Pack - 'Litelock' (HD Video Review)

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Fairly new item on the market, the material is somewhat of an unknown quantity and this is the first item I've heard of to be made from it, though I'd imagine if there aren't already then there will be quite a few more to come. Either way, something a little bit different to the norm, yet very much in keeping with the new trend we're now seeing sweeping through so many gear manufacturers with regards shaving weight of load-bearing gear down to the absolute minimum. If I were a betting man, I'd put money on the 'next big thing' will be everyone trying to out-do each other for having the lightest plate carriers and chest rigs.




For some more photos you can check out the rucksack pictures thread here:




Technical specs on Litelock:


Finished Weight - 5.4 oz/yd² approximately

Fiber Content - 100% nylon

Breaking Strength - 150/200 (warp/fill) (lbs, approximate)

Water Resistance - 127+ cm

Abrasion - may exceed 1300 cycles, H18 @500g


I'm not entirely sure what precisely some of that means truth be told. What I can tell you however is that it's unbelievably light, very strong, essentially water proof and highly resistant to abrasive actions.

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Something I did just think of regards the loose straps issue:


You can quite easily manage the excess webbing on the shoulder straps using a pair of ITW web dominators, this requires no extra materials or sewing skills/apparatus. However, since the outer surface of nylon webbing is quite smooth, in my experience the dominators can fairly easily slide off or be dislodged, so some sort of permanent mod (such as the one I've done) will be substantially more reliable. I'm yet to decide on a management method for the excess on the sternum strap or the assemblies on the sides that allow for attachment to MOLLE rigs, though my initial thoughts, looking at other packs I own, would be that some small elastic loops would be the best option.

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Please post any photo pack connected to plate carrier.



Haven't actually set it up like that yet I'm afraid. Next time I'm home with all my kit to hand I'll sort that out for you though, be about 10 days from now.


Where did you get it from? Grey Ghost Gear's website has none in stock :(


Actually bought it about a month ago, just over. They've been running a 50%-off-everything sale since Christmas time so I guess all the stock got snapped up.

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