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Blog: Magpul PTS announces the PDR AEG

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Not to be the bearer of bad news, but..

In PTS defense, I sorta, kinda, almost, but not entirely believe their claim that the gearbox and internals are not Ares OEM.

But there are 2 things that are for certain (and yes I own the rifle now):

1.  The design has many clearly Ares specific features: 
The quick change spring
The spring tension release system
The unported stainless steel cynlinder
The soldered on motor leads connectors on motor on mine my old STAR was soldered
The 2 ported piston head I have 6 holes ported in mine
The silver air nozzle I have nothing but black ones in mine
The painted gearbox shell with the unpainted interior My Tavor  and G36c gearboxes are black on the inside as well
The red hopup bucking I have a clear bucking in mine
And finally, the unmistakeable microswitch


Plus there is this brand called Army Force who make gearboxes with qd spring guide and micro switch.

Labelled as "for A&K/ JG AEG".

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What gets me is that the main weakness in ares , S&t and star gearboxes has always been the gearbox shell and the microswitch Failure .

The gears are not bad quality the nozzle , tappet plates are ok the piston is the only other main weakness .

Why not solve these issues with reinforcement / better materials used for the shell . Source a better quality microswitch . And fit a better piston and maybe then people will not have issues with the ares type gearboxes the way they do now ..

If they pushed out their aeg s at a sensible price people might not have as much of an issue as the budget is left over to upgrade them , but when they price them as a premium gun you expect to see decent internals to match the externals .

If g&g and WE can improve their qc To the levels they are at nowadays , any airsoft company can . people will then start to look at them in a different way and start to trust in what they are spending their hard earned cash on .

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Umm, Ares was the OEM for Star, and those other features are from older generation Ares

so when did they change? Since I recently did maintenance to an Ares ebb G36K which was bought in September 2012, bought from WGC.

My G36c is an ebb G36c, latest gen. I believe, so not the old generation, I have an LMG, same thing there.

Maybe 2 separated production facilities?


Oh, and I repaired an S&T/Umarex G36c last Saturday, same MO, only the gears and shimming were terrible.

Though in their defence, someone else already messed with it.


Regarding the pricing, Ares products pricing can easily vary more than 150USD for the exact same AEG depending on the location you buy.



Looks like WGC has the PDR on preorder.


TMC, no mentioning of preorder, so I reckon they have it in stock.


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All the kv g36 seem to have S&t stamped on the gears but not all the variations of the umarex / ares guns have this . I reckon there is definatly more than one source for the different models of the g36 range of guns . Only other reason is that some are older / newer batches of the same thing .. My own umarex g36 c has no stamps on the gears whatsoever ...

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The first Ares G36 EBB was sold by themselves, and later rebranded by Umarex after the H&K license deal. Then Umarex changed to S&T as OEM in the 'V' models with the collapsible stock. 


Ares still sells their own G36 EBB, but now without H&K markings and some some small changes (like non plain pistol grip baseplates)

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