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Review - Source Hydration ILPS 2L/3L system - Designed for plate pockets


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Hello All,



A review of the Source Hydration ILPS system.


For a while now I have been searching for a hydration system to integrate into my LBT 6094 Slick carrier. The idea was is that the Slick being the base system for all my current rigs I would like to keep the hydration on it.

Some requirements I was seeking

- Around 2L capacity

- Easy to refill

- Very low profile



After looking at various ideas for low profile carriers to be molle adapted and not finding one that I particularly liked I stumbled upon the Source Hydration systems.

I've have heard of Source before from some mountain biker friends and was pleased they had a military division with hydration solutions. At first I was interested in the 1L Kangaroo - It seemed to fit the requirements, however contacting source on depth (Which was not listed) they said that it sticks out close to 5-6 inches at the base. It's more designed as a canteen replacement then a low profile system.



I then noticed the ILPS system. Reading the information page it was designed to be inserted into a plate pocket.

Perfect! For airsoft use i'm not really using the plate pocket at the moment except for a fake SAPI plate this could take it's place.


And so it arrived direct from source



The whole package consists of the hydration pouch, a CB fabric covered hose and the UTA filler





A brief side note on the UTA




I have to say this is a very ingenious system for refilling hydration carriers, especially those that are integrated into gear or stashed away deep in a pack. For a video of it in action check it out

I briefly tested it and it works perfectly as advertised. Now I can easily fill in field from a few 1/2L jugs.


The overall size of the ILPS is about that of a Medium (Replica) sapi plate with it having no more then 1/2 inch extra width in comparison.

It is listed at

Length 14.1

Width 10.6

Depth 2.6





When filled to it's full 3L capacity it surprisingly does not change shape all that much.



Full Compare


One of the reason is there is a center rib in the hydration pouch to prevent the shape from changing to much. It also keeps the profile of very low


In a side comparison the ILPS sticks up no more then the top edge of a SAPI plate would. In addition I plan on only filling to 1.5/2L capacity which will lower the profile even more.



Side Comparison



When inserted in the Slick carrier it feels very much like the fake SAPI. Since it's moving around it tends to mold to my back which makes it surprisingly comfortable



Inside the Plate carrier





The hose is very well built and all the connecters are very robust. All connecters have a strong latching system and seal very well. I cannot foresee any issues with it.


Bite valve

The bite valve is also of a very good design. It has a turn and pull system to prevent accidental opening and the water flow is very good. Some people may not like this.




Overall this seems to be a great solution for hydration.



- Will easily fit inside the space designed for a SAPI plate. Which many airsofters do not have filled

- Carries a good amount of water

- Innovative refill system means you do not need to gear down/remove the system

- Wide top mouth for easy cleaning



- Since in my use it is close to my body. Water may be heated up due to this (May add a small layer of insulation to prevent)

- May need to mod your plate carrier for hose placement.



As I use it more I expect to find some more pros/cons but for now I am very pleased with the system.


If anyone has any questions/comments please let me know!



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I have one of these and they also fit in the back of the 5.11 LBE vests, which gives you another option if you're not a plate carrier sort of person. In that setup they also help balance out mags, etc. on the front quite nicely. I ordered mine online from the source website without really thinking about it and was surprised when it turned up shortly afterwards with post tags from Israel.

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Just want to add to this:


I ordered a Source ILPS bladder from their site (£40 odd all in) on the 13th of Feb, it turned up today. Very impressed with the website/ordering system/speed of postage delivery.


The bladder it's self is very nice, I've owned a few bladders and hydros and this is by far the nicest. The construction of all the attachments (hose/bite valves/UTA) is spot on, each having a internal valve to stop leakages when no accessory is attached, the fact that they are all easily replaceable from Source is an added bonus.


The actual bladder seems to be very robust and I'm sure it'll stand up to any abuse I can give it during a skirmish. I've fitted it into the rear platebag a replica JPC, you have to fold the top handle of the bladder down to fit it in once full, but it is a nice snug fit and can probably take about 3/4 of the bladders capacity before it starts to buldge out more than a SAPI plate should.


If you are after a hydro of any type I'd say Source is the way to go, if you want to run your rig as HSLD as possible then the ILPS bladder is perfect.

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Nice review:)


I've been using Source products for years - mainly because I was a cheap student airsofter who wanted a 2L hydro carrier and found a MOD trial one on ebay for £20. Served me very well until I managed to bit through the mouth piece - a short e-mail to Source and I was sent a free replacement, hows that for customer service?


Few years later tactical-kit gets them in at very reasonable price and they've got the nicer features such as the 'locking' disconnect valves and the UTA (I also have one, awesome bit of kit).


The difference between the normal 2L/3L shaped ones is that the 3L is about 2 inches longer, I haven't measured both full but as the width of the two sizes is the same I don't think it buldges that much further.

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