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Custom Magpul MS2 style sling...


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Watching Travis Haleys "Adaptive Carbine" dvd, I noticed that he was running a modified MS3 sling. The best part of the sling was that it had a padded strap, as the MS2 was known to dig well into your neck and even though the MS3 uses a wider strap, I'd imagine it'd still dig in there.


Anyways I got a cheap sling from eBairsoft ( http://www.ebairsoft.com/weekend-warrior-speed-sling-p-5319.html ) and blended it with my Magpul MS2 sling. Let me say that it is COMFORTABLE!, even with a t-shirt the sling is comfortable to wear. It also doesn't get in the way when going from one point to two or switching sides.







Here's Travis Haleys sling...



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Here you go, don't mind my fiancees bed sheets choice haha. I just ran the straps through and my fiancee did a little bit of sewing to ensure that it didn't fall apart. Though it wasn't really necessary as I was pulling it with all my strength prior to the sewing and it didn't budge at all. Where I merged the ms2 strap to the padded sling is actually sewed through together, though she did it through the middle so that it isn't visible.




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