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Major Multicam Restock for 2012

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Flecktarn.co.uk is pleased to announce that the full range of Bulle MOLLE Multicam Gear is in stock now. All Bulle MOLLE Multicam is made from genuine Crye Multicam 1000D Cordura to milspec. All items can be seen here http://www.flecktarn.co.uk


Here is a quick list of the new Bulle MOLLE items:

Multicam Lightweight Chest Rig (holds 6x M4 mags + utilities and document without additional pouches) - 34.95 GBP

Multicam Drop Leg Panel - 17.50 GBP

Multicam Low Drag Double Mag Pouch - 12.75 GBP

Multicam M4 and AK Quad Open Mag Pouch - 12.75 GBP

Multicam C Type Single Mag Pouch (holds up to 3 M4 mags) - 8.75 GBP

Multicam AK and G36 Mag Pouch - 12.75 GBP

Multicam MP5 Triple Mag Pouch - 12.75 GBP

Multicam 40mm Grenade Pouch - 7.66 GBP

Multicam Blank Firing Grenade Pouch - 7.66 GBP

Multicam Shotgun Shell Pouch - 8.75 GBP

Multicam Ambidextrous Pistol Holster - 13.25 GBP

Multicam Multifunction Utility Pouch - 14.95 GBP

Multicam Size 1 Utility Zip Bag - 9.70 GBP

Multicam Size 2 Utility Zip Bag - 11.95 GBP


Just a quick note that this is in addition to our restock of the following Bulle MOLLE items to make this one of the largest ranges available in the UK of genuine Crye Multicam:

Multicam MLE Harness - 34.95 GBP

Multicam High Speed Double Mag Pouch (adjustable lids) - 12.75 GBP

Multicam Double Pistol Mag Pouch - 7.66 GBP

Multicam Hydration Carrier - 17.50 GBP

Multicam Drop Leg Dump Pouch - 22.42 GBP

Multicam Rapid Dump Pouch - 13.25 GBP

Multicam Foldable Dump Pouch - 11.95 GBP

Multicam Admin Panel - 9.70 GBP

Multicam Radio Comms Pouch - 9.70 GBP

Multicam PRC Radio Pouch - 9.70 GBP

Multicam Three Quarter Utility Pouch - 11.95 GBP


The Genuine Crye Multicam range is an excellent match for British MTP, Camogrom, and, of course, Multicam. Multicam is also operational issue for Afghan bound US troops.


We would like to wish you the best for 2012 and thank you for your continued support



Flecktarn.co.uk Team

08456 345196 www.flecktarn.co.uk

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