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Hi Arnies,


I'm a product developer, airsoft tech and retailer based in the UK. I’m opening a web store offering a small number of products and services, some made by me, some by other small scale manufacturers such as TerminusX based in the Philippines. I'm strictly just stocking parts which I know to be of excellent quality. My website is still under construction, but as I'm now the UK's exclusive distributor of TerminusX products I can start taking pre-orders immediately.



The shipping date depends on how quickly the pre-order slots are filled up, so as the orders start to come in I’ll be able to update this with an ETA. This will be subject to regular change so stay tuned.


I’ll offer delivery at cost price, and I can easily ship worldwide. I'm only using recorded shipping methods so there will be no risk of anything getting lost. If your delivery address is anywhere other than mainland UK, contact me for a shipping price before ordering. Shipping prices to mainland Europe for example can be quite reasonable, so feel free to ask.


TerminusX motors: £58 + £2.90 shipping


All these motors use hand picked neodymium magnets to create the strongest possible magnetic field. This greatly increases the amount of work these motors are capable of, resulting in blistering performance. Test results have so far put all of Systema's motors to shame. The windings are carefully tuned in each of the 3 types to give the desired ratio of speed and torque. Batteries with a high discharge rate are recommended.





3 types: Please specify when ordering.


Merlin Extreme Speed motor

-58,000rpm @ 12V 7A

-For M120 rated springs and below


Thunder Balance motor

-40,000rpm @ 12V 7A

-For SP170 rated springs and below

-High speed combined with torque


Omega Uber Torque motor

-Almost 14,200rpm @ 8.4V 2A

-For SP170 (or higher) springs and below

-Perfect for those 10:1, 13:1, 14:1 gear set paired with a stiff spring and a weak lipo



TerminusX coated chromoly pinion gears: £12 + £2.50 shipping


Made from chromium molybdenum steel, proven by RiotSC to be the perfect material to make AEG gears. TerminusX has gone a step further by coating them in a thin layer of nickel boron, increasing their surface hardness, lubricity and corrosion resistance. Available to fit D shape and O shape motor shafts.


2 types: Please specify when ordering.



D shape


O shape





TerminusX high speed steel alloy bushings (set of 6): £20 + £2.50 shipping


High speed steel alloy is used in the machining industry to cut other steels, due to it's extreme hardness. A high tungsten carbide content of 20% helps it achieve even better hardness and abrasion resistance than other high speed steels, making it ideal for use in airsoft bushings. Available in 7mm and 8mm.


2 types: Please specify when ordering.





PM or email me at warrenbot@gmail.com - Please include your full name, delivery address and order. Questions about the parts themselves should be directed to TerminusX in this thread over on ASM: http://forums.airsoftmechanics.com/index.php?topic=5645.0



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