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MMB Tactical Vest "Special Force"


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I'm selling this MMB Tactical vest because it's got too many pouches for my taste. Very sturdy construction, it is in nearly new condition having only been out on a few skirmishes. I've also thrown together a leather patch for the shooting pad but there's velcro underneath if you've got your own or have a little more skill with these sorts of things than I do. It is functionally identical to http://flecktarn.co.uk/fltav2nx.html although I'm not sure if this one is IRR resistant.


It's designed to be worn with armour and while it has a lot of adjustability if you're a skinny bloke like me it may be a bit loose if worn without.


This costs €190 new (~£155) so I'm going to ask £110+p&p&p to start, based on the condition. Open to offers though. Pickup is also available from Redhill or I'll be at Ambush Airsoft Chobham this Sunday (5/02).


Pics in this gallery: https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/14723690/2/Airsoft/Tac%20Vest?h=a30a24

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