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WE Dragon


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Gun/Model:Dragon (basically a Hi-capa with a fancy slide)

Accessories: 1 magazine (its been sitting for a while so the seals may need re-lubing, it was leak free last time I tested it)

Shiny outer barrel replacement with .45 ACP markings

Nineball hop rubber

Modified grip (your mileage may vary, all my mates seem to find it comfortable. Made by another user on the forum whose name I can't remember)

Random drop-leg holster if you want it. Its had a small piece cut out to prevent it from dumping mags all over the place

Condition: good

FPS: 290 on green gas (again I haven't had this out in a long time so a little loving may be in order to get it performing)

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:n/n/n

Price/Payment: 50 plus postage and fees. Also available for pickup in Redhill or I'll be at Ambush Airsoft Chobham this Sunday (5/02)


I almost never used this so I want to get rid of it. A fun thing which I used for a while and then didn't bother to buy any more gas. I guess I'm just not a pistol kind of guy :D


Gallery here: https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/14723690/2/Airsoft/WE%20Dragon?h=281fc3

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