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NonEx, on 01 Apr 2017 - 2:51 PM, said:

Well, glad I am not the only one that can't figure out how to fit the dang extractor :o


Problem for me was when I wedged it in there it was driven into the slide making it impossible for me to install the BBU. :(


That nub idea sounds pretty neat actually! I get what you mean. On mine the spring didn't fall out so I had no issues. You could also stretch the spring a bit to make it friction fit. Or and old trick I saw on WGC is to put a piece of clear take on top of the spring to keep it in while assembling.

Or you put the BBU on the edge of a table with top side up and set the slide on top of the BBU, that also works.


I actually don't know how the magazines compare. I got the Guarder ones, well because I am doing a Guarder build. And they are TM spec, which my build is, and they look nicer externally as well :-D


Here is the Guarder extractor installation reference image that unfortunately didn't make it in the video: 



I have some experience with this. My guarder extractor literally had to be hammered into the slide.  Seems to be a guarder thing. 17 and 34 steel slides. 



The BBU nozzle spring, I just glue it (CA insta glue) on both ends and then install. this keeps it in place until its all secured. a few shots down the bond is broken anyway. I then switched to name escapes me 150% spring (popular brand, off of redwolf I think. been at least a year) and that one is a hair shorter. sits in there on its own and I can install normally. 


Further tuning in the spring area: I use these, copypaste for size reference Clinch-on Pins for Sheet Metal, PEM® Mpp-2mm-8, 2mm Diameter, 8mm Long. clinch = headed pins. 1 on each side of the nozzle return spring. Act as a spring guide helping it rub less against slide/bbu channel, and also prevents overtravel of the nozzle. I had a problem where the nozzle would move past the seal and on retraction the edges would bite into it ruining it. went through a bunch of those guarder seals (that I love actually) until I figured why they were dying that fast.


This finally got me a working BBU using guarder parts. Which is what you like to use as well. and frankly its the only set up that works with steel on these antiquated marui designs that don't have enough power for anything.  also I use the OEM type housing. not the lightweight. I had issues with the lightweight not always locking the hammer (wasn't pressing it down enough) resulting in the annoying slide jam we all have had.  


sorry wall of text as always.

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Quick TM G17 Killstreak video. Thanks for watching. Hit the Like button and please subscribe.



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